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 Register Value Logger [Universal Tutorial]

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PostSubject: Register Value Logger [Universal Tutorial]   Mon May 10, 2010 7:48 pm

How to use.1.
Find a fnc you want to check and add the value to the first line of the
code in red.
2. If its a Jal copy the orginal Value into the second
line in blue if you are jumping out of a fnc then you can simply add a
jal value that will jump back to it.
3. Go to this address in Decoder
0x017fff00 and mode the value in which you want the code be put out for
example a value of 0x00004000 will store all at the address of
0x00004000 0x. (if left at nop it will simply write at 0x00000000)
Turn on the code and and go to the selected address in browser and
locate the values you are interested in.
5. Once found copy and paste
the line into decoder and you done.#Register Logger v2
;Stores Vlues Registers Sp, Fp, Gp, Ra, At
;v0 - v1, a0 - a3, s0 - s7 & $f0 - $f31
;Credit kkhoun
0x00000000 0x0E200C00;< And Hook/Jump [Value 0a200c00 for J $]
0x00003588 0x00000000;< link back to fnc or jal orginal Value
0x00003000 0x3C080A00
0x00003004 0x8D08FF00
0x00003008 0x3C090880
0x0000300C 0x25290000
0x00003010 0x01094020
0x00003014 0x3C09554C
0x00003018 0x25294156
0x0000301C 0x3C0A4E49
0x00003020 0x254A2045
0x00003024 0x240B3D00
0x00003028 0x3C0C7053
0x0000302C 0x258C2400
0x00003030 0xAD090000
0x00003034 0xAD0A0004
0x00003038 0xAD0C0008
0x0000303C 0xAD0B000C
0x00003040 0xAD1D0010
0x00003044 0x3C0C7046
0x00003048 0x258C2400
0x0000304C 0xAD090020
0x00003050 0xAD0A0024
0x00003054 0xAD0C0028
0x00003058 0xAD0B002C
0x0000305C 0xAD1E0030
0x00003060 0x3C0C7047
0x00003064 0x258C2400
0x00003068 0xAD090040
0x0000306C 0xAD0A0044
0x00003070 0xAD0C0048
0x00003074 0xAD0B004C
0x00003078 0xAD1C0050
0x0000307C 0x3C0C6172
0x00003080 0x258C2400
0x00003084 0xAD090060
0x00003088 0xAD0A0064
0x0000308C 0xAD0C0068
0x00003090 0xAD0B006C
0x00003094 0xAD1F0070
0x00003098 0x3C0C7461
0x0000309C 0x258C2400
0x000030A0 0xAD090080
0x000030A4 0xAD0A0084
0x000030A8 0xAD0C0088
0x000030AC 0xAD0B008C
0x000030B0 0xAD010090
0x000030B4 0x3C0C3076
0x000030B8 0x258C2400
0x000030BC 0xAD0900A0
0x000030C0 0xAD0A00A4
0x000030C4 0xAD0C00A8
0x000030C8 0xAD0B00AC
0x000030CC 0xAD0200B0
0x000030D0 0x3C0C3176
0x000030D4 0x258C2400
0x000030D8 0xAD0900C0
0x000030DC 0xAD0A00C4
0x000030E0 0xAD0C00C8
0x000030E4 0xAD0B00CC
0x000030E8 0xAD0300D0
0x000030EC 0x3C0C3061
0x000030F0 0x258C2400
0x000030F4 0xAD0900E0
0x000030F8 0xAD0A00E4
0x000030FC 0xAD0C00E8
0x00003100 0xAD0B00EC
0x00003104 0xAD0400F0
0x00003108 0x3C0C3161
0x0000310C 0x258C2400
0x00003110 0xAD090100
0x00003114 0xAD0A0104
0x00003118 0xAD0C0108
0x0000311C 0xAD0B010C
0x00003120 0xAD050110
0x00003124 0x3C0C3261
0x00003128 0x258C2400
0x0000312C 0xAD090120
0x00003130 0xAD0A0124
0x00003134 0xAD0C0128
0x00003138 0xAD0B012C
0x0000313C 0xAD060130
0x00003140 0x3C0C3361
0x00003144 0x258C2400
0x00003148 0xAD090140
0x0000314C 0xAD0A0144
0x00003150 0xAD0C0148
0x00003154 0xAD0B014C
0x00003158 0xAD070150
0x0000315C 0x3C0C3073
0x00003160 0x258C2400
0x00003164 0xAD090160
0x00003168 0xAD0A0164
0x0000316C 0xAD0C0168
0x00003170 0xAD0B016C
0x00003174 0xAD100170
0x00003178 0x3C0C3173
0x0000317C 0x258C2400
0x00003180 0xAD090180
0x00003184 0xAD0A0184
0x00003188 0xAD0C0188
0x0000318C 0xAD0B018C
0x00003190 0xAD110190
0x00003194 0x3C0C3273
0x00003198 0x258C2400
0x0000319C 0xAD0901A0
0x000031A0 0xAD0A01A4
0x000031A4 0xAD0C01A8
0x000031A8 0xAD0B01AC
0x000031AC 0xAD1201B0
0x000031B0 0x3C0C3373
0x000031B4 0x258C2400
0x000031B8 0xAD0901C0
0x000031BC 0xAD0A01C4
0x000031C0 0xAD0C01C8
0x000031C4 0xAD0B01CC
0x000031C8 0xAD1301D0
0x000031CC 0x3C0C3473
0x000031D0 0x258C2400
0x000031D4 0xAD0901E0
0x000031D8 0xAD0A01E4
0x000031DC 0xAD0C01E8
0x000031E0 0xAD0B01EC
0x000031E4 0xAD1401F0
0x000031E8 0x3C0C3573
0x000031EC 0x258C2400
0x000031F0 0xAD090200
0x000031F4 0xAD0A0204
0x000031F8 0xAD0C0208
0x000031FC 0xAD0B020C
0x00003200 0xAD150210
0x00003204 0x3C0C3673
0x00003208 0x258C2400
0x0000320C 0xAD090220
0x00003210 0xAD0A0224
0x00003214 0xAD0C0228
0x00003218 0xAD0B022C
0x0000321C 0xAD160230
0x00003220 0x3C0C3773
0x00003224 0x258C2440
0x00003228 0xAD090240
0x0000322C 0xAD0A0244
0x00003230 0xAD0C0248
0x00003234 0xAD0B024C
0x00003238 0xAD170250
0x0000323C 0x3C0C3066
0x00003240 0x258C2400
0x00003244 0xAD090260
0x00003248 0xAD0A0264
0x0000324C 0xAD0C0268
0x00003250 0xAD0B026C
0x00003254 0xE5000270
0x00003258 0x3C0C3166
0x0000325C 0x258C2400
0x00003260 0xAD090280
0x00003264 0xAD0A0284
0x00003268 0xAD0C0288
0x0000326C 0xAD0B028C
0x00003270 0xE5010290
0x00003274 0x3C0C3266
0x00003278 0x258C2400
0x0000327C 0xAD0902A0
0x00003280 0xAD0A02A4
0x00003284 0xAD0C02A8
0x00003288 0xAD0B02AC
0x0000328C 0xE50202B0
0x00003290 0x3C0C3366
0x00003294 0x258C2400
0x00003298 0xAD0902C0
0x0000329C 0xAD0A02C4
0x000032A0 0xAD0C02C8
0x000032A4 0xAD0B02CC
0x000032A8 0xE50302D0
0x000032AC 0x3C0C3466
0x000032B0 0x258C2400
0x000032B4 0xAD0902E0
0x000032B8 0xAD0A02E4
0x000032BC 0xAD0C02E8
0x000032C0 0xAD0B02EC
0x000032C4 0xE50402F0
0x000032C8 0x3C0C3566
0x000032CC 0x258C2400
0x000032D0 0xAD090300
0x000032D4 0xAD0A0304
0x000032D8 0xAD0C0308
0x000032DC 0xAD0B030C
0x000032E0 0xE5050310
0x000032E4 0x3C0C3666
0x000032E8 0x258C2400
0x000032EC 0xAD090320
0x000032F0 0xAD0A0324
0x000032F4 0xAD0C0328
0x000032F8 0xAD0B032C
0x000032FC 0xE5060330
0x00003300 0x3C0C3766
0x00003304 0x258C2400
0x00003308 0xAD090340
0x0000330C 0xAD0A0344
0x00003310 0xAD0C0348
0x00003314 0xAD0B034C
0x00003318 0xE5070350
0x0000331C 0x3C0C3866
0x00003320 0x258C2400
0x00003324 0xAD090360
0x00003328 0xAD0A0364
0x0000332C 0xAD0C0368
0x00003330 0xAD0B036C
0x00003334 0xE5080370
0x00003338 0x3C0C3966
0x0000333C 0x258C2400
0x00003340 0xAD090380
0x00003344 0xAD0A0384
0x00003348 0xAD0C0388
0x0000334C 0xAD0B038C
0x00003350 0xE5090390
0x00003354 0x3C0C3166
0x00003358 0x258C2400
0x0000335C 0x240B3D30
0x00003360 0xAD0903A0
0x00003364 0xAD0A03A4
0x00003368 0xAD0C03A8
0x0000336C 0xAD0B03AC
0x00003370 0xE50A03B0
0x00003374 0x240B3D31
0x00003378 0xAD0903C0
0x0000337C 0xAD0A03C4
0x00003380 0xAD0C03C8
0x00003384 0xAD0B03CC
0x00003388 0xE50B03D0
0x0000338C 0x240B3D32
0x00003390 0xAD0903E0
0x00003394 0xAD0A03E4
0x00003398 0xAD0C03E8
0x0000339C 0xAD0B03EC
0x000033A0 0xE50C03F0
0x000033A4 0x240B3D33
0x000033A8 0xAD090400
0x000033AC 0xAD0A0404
0x000033B0 0xAD0C0408
0x000033B4 0xAD0B040C
0x000033B8 0xE50D0410
0x000033BC 0x240B3D34
0x000033C0 0xAD090420
0x000033C4 0xAD0A0424
0x000033C8 0xAD0C0428
0x000033CC 0xAD0B042C
0x000033D0 0xE50E0430
0x000033D4 0x240B3D35
0x000033D8 0xAD090440
0x000033DC 0xAD0A0444
0x000033E0 0xAD0C0448
0x000033E4 0xAD0B044C
0x000033E8 0xE50F0450
0x000033EC 0x240B3D36
0x000033F0 0xAD090460
0x000033F4 0xAD0A0464
0x000033F8 0xAD0C0468
0x000033FC 0xAD0B046C
0x00003400 0xE5100470
0x00003410 0x240B3D37
0x00003414 0xAD090480
0x00003418 0xAD0A0484
0x0000341C 0xAD0C0488
0x00003420 0xAD0B048C
0x00003424 0xE5110490
0x00003428 0x240B3D38
0x0000342C 0xAD0904A0
0x00003430 0xAD0A04A4
0x00003434 0xAD0C04A8
0x00003438 0xAD0B04AC
0x0000343C 0xE51204B0
0x00003440 0x240B3D39
0x00003444 0xAD0904C0
0x00003448 0xAD0A04C4
0x0000344C 0xAD0C04C8
0x00003450 0xAD0B04CC
0x00003454 0xE51304D0
0x00003458 0x3C0C3266
0x0000345C 0x258C2400
0x00003460 0x240B3D30
0x00003464 0xAD0904E0
0x00003468 0xAD0A04E4
0x0000346C 0xAD0C04E8
0x00003470 0xAD0B04EC
0x00003474 0xE51404F0
0x00003478 0x240B3D31
0x0000347C 0xAD090500
0x00003480 0xAD0A0504
0x00003484 0xAD0C0508
0x00003488 0xAD0B050C
0x0000348C 0xE5150510
0x00003490 0x240B3D32
0x00003494 0xAD090520
0x00003498 0xAD0A0524
0x0000349C 0xAD0C0528
0x000034A0 0xAD0B052C
0x000034A4 0xE5160530
0x000034A8 0x240B3D33
0x000034AC 0xAD090540
0x000034B0 0xAD0A0544
0x000034B4 0xAD0C0548
0x000034B8 0xAD0B054C
0x000034BC 0xE5170550
0x000034C0 0x240B3D34
0x000034C4 0xAD090560
0x000034C8 0xAD0A0564
0x000034CC 0xAD0C0568
0x000034D0 0xAD0B056C
0x000034D4 0xE5180570
0x000034D8 0x240B3D35
0x000034DC 0xAD090580
0x000034E0 0xAD0A0584
0x000034E4 0xAD0C0588
0x000034E8 0xAD0B058C
0x000034EC 0xE5190590
0x000034F0 0x240B3D36
0x000034F4 0xAD0905A0
0x000034F8 0xAD0A05A4
0x000034FC 0xAD0C05A8
0x00003500 0xAD0B05AC
0x00003504 0xE51A05B0
0x00003508 0x240B3D37
0x0000350C 0xAD0905C0
0x00003510 0xAD0A05C4
0x00003514 0xAD0C05C8
0x00003518 0xAD0B05CC
0x0000351C 0xE51B05D0
0x00003520 0x240B3D38
0x00003524 0xAD0905E0
0x00003528 0xAD0A05E4
0x0000352C 0xAD0C05E8
0x00003530 0xAD0B05EC
0x00003534 0xE51C05F0
0x00003538 0x240B3D39
0x0000353C 0xAD090600
0x00003540 0xAD0A0604
0x00003544 0xAD0C0608
0x00003548 0xAD0B060C
0x0000354C 0xE51D0610
0x00003550 0x3C0C3366
0x00003554 0x258C2400
0x00003558 0x240B3D30
0x0000355C 0xAD090620
0x00003560 0xAD0A0624
0x00003564 0xAD0C0628
0x00003568 0xAD0B062C
0x0000356C 0xE51E0630
0x00003570 0x240B3D31
0x00003574 0xAD090640
0x00003578 0xAD0A0644
0x0000357C 0xAD0C0648
0x00003580 0xAD0B064C
0x00003584 0xE51F0650
0x00003588 0x03E00008
Now if 0x00003000 section of
the game is taken up then simply move the routine address and change the
value of the jumping value
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Register Value Logger [Universal Tutorial]
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