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 How To Start Hacking [Tutorial]

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PostSubject: How To Start Hacking [Tutorial]   Mon May 10, 2010 7:35 pm

*Things u Need

* Custom Firmware

* Nitepr or Cw Cheat or Cheatmaster

--Hacking Ammo

1. Load Your Game
2. Observe How much ammo you have
3. Open up your searching device
4. Put in HexaDecimal value of your ammo (nietpr) for CM just put in decimal value AND search
5. close your cheat device and fire your weapon
6. re-observe how much ammo you have now
7. repeat steps 3. and 4
8. when you have <= 3 results chose one of them, set the new value higher and lock.
9. now fire your weapon you should now have infinate ammo

--User Notes
iF you are using Nitepr Make sure your cheats are enabled

* press music note when the nitepr menu is not open

iF your bullets still go down Make Sure in Nitepr you have Cheat Hz set to 15

* goto [PRX] in nitepr and go down to CheatHz Default is 0 (entered only once) set to 15 to lock it.

This Method is Usually DMA (The address that holds ammo will shift) aka your code will only work for a little bit befor you have to remake it
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How To Start Hacking [Tutorial]
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