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 Final Fantasy Crisis Core (ULUS-10336)

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy Crisis Core (ULUS-10336)   Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:31 pm

Hah a great game!!! Smile


#Maxed out stats
;Believe this will make
;you repeatedly get dmw
;reel so can be annoying
0x00243E6C 0XFF63FFFF
0x00243E70 0XFFFFFFFF
0x00243E44 0X0001869F
0x00243E48 0X0001869F
0x00243E4C 0X0001869F
0x00243E54 0X0001869F
0x00243E58 0X0001869F
0x00243E60 0X0001869F
0x00243E64 0X0001869F

#999999 Gil
0x00243EE8 0X000F423F

#0 Gameplay Time
0x00243EEC 0x00000000


# 1 Hit KO (Goddess)
0x00248A08 0x00000001

# INF Health
0x00244108 0x000F423F

0x00244110 0x000F423F

0x00244118 0x000F423F
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Final Fantasy Crisis Core (ULUS-10336)
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