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 Final Fantasy 2: Anniversary Edition Codes

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy 2: Anniversary Edition Codes   Mon Jul 19, 2010 3:48 pm

Quote :
#!!Final Fantasy II
#Inf. GIL
0x0139734C 0x3B9AC9FF

#Inf. Phoenix Down
0x01397428 0x00000063

#Inf. Steps
0x01397348 0x000027F0

#255 First Item
0x01397427 0x01397427

#!!Stats Mods

#Max Status Firion
0x0139716A 0x00030001
0x00006363 0x00000000

#Max HP Firion
0x01397164 0x0000270F

#Max MP Firion
0x01397168 0x000003E7

#Max Agility Firion
0x0139716B 0x00000063

#Max Strengh Firion
0x0139716A 0x00000063

#Max Stamina Firion
0x0139716C 0x00000030

#MP Now Firion
0x01397166 0x000003E7

#HP Now Firion
0x01397162 0x0000270F

#Max Inteligence Fir.
0x0139716D 0x00000063

#Max Spirit Firion
0x0139716E 0x00000063

#Max Magic Firion
0x0139716F 0x00000063

#Equipment LV Firion
0x013971A5 0x0000000B
0x013971A7 0x0000000B

#1st Magic LV Firion
0x013971AB 0x0000000D


#Max Status Maria
0x013971E8 0x00030001
0x00006363 0x00000000

#Max HP Maria
0x013971E2 0x0000270F

#Max MP Maria
0x013971E6 0x000003E7

#Max Strength Maria
0x013971E8 0x00000063

#Max Agility Maria
0x013971E9 0x00000063

#Max Stamina Maria
0x013971EA 0x00000063

#Max Inteligence Maria
0x013971EB 0x00000063

#Max Spirit Maria
0x013971EC 0x00000063

#Max Magic Maria
0x013971ED 0x00000063

#MP Now Maria
0x013971E4 0x000003E7

#HP Now Maria
0x013971E0 0x0000270F


#Max Status Guy
0x01397266 0x00030001
0x00006363 0x00000000

#Max HP Guy
0x01397260 0x0000270F

#Max MP Guy
0x01397264 0x000003E7

#HP Now Guy
0x0139725E 0x0000270F

#MP Now Guy
0x01397262 0x000003E7


#Max Status Leon
0x013972E4 0x00030001
0x00006363 0x00000000

#Max HP Leon
0x013972DE 0x0000270F

#Max MP Leon
0x013972E2 0x000003E7

#HP Now Leon
0x013972DC 0x0000270F

#MP Now Leon
0x013972E0 0x000003E7

#!!Out Of Battle

#No Encounters
0x00092B70 0x5000003E

#Normal Encounter Rate
0x00092B70 0x5020003E

#Always Encounter
0x00092B70 0x53E0003E

#Max All Weapon and Magic Levels
0x0139719B 0x00180002
0x00000010 0x00000000

#After Battle Recover HP
0x0013683C 0x9603001A
0x00136844 0x9603001C


#Full Bestiary
0x013976E0 0x00AB0001
0x00008001 0x00000000

#Monster Picture Book All
0x013976E0 0x00550001
0x03E703E7 0x00000000
0x01397834 0x000003E7

#Music Player
0x013D0D8B 0x00000002
0x013D0D94 0x00000002

#Equipment Levels
0x0139719B 0x0000000B
0x0139719D 0x0000000B
0x0139719F 0x0000000B
0x013971A1 0x0000000B
0x013971A3 0x0000000B
0x013971A5 0x0000000B
0x013971A7 0x0000000B
0x013971A9 0x0000000B

#Freeze Movement
0x01397C98 0x00005250

#Pan Camera
0x01397CE0 0x0000046B

#Run In Place
0x01397C98 0x009A9680

#!!Firion Equipment Modifier

#L. Hand Cat Claws
0x01397174 0x00000040
#L. Hand Mith. Axe
0x01397174 0x00000063
#L. Hand Open
0x01397174 0x00000000

Firion's Equipment Modifier
Code- Iyueru
Values- xXDarkenedHopeXx

I've only tested these codes on the code for the left hand, and they all work.

You can get any item from this code by following these steps:
-Use the code with the item you want
-Save, then restart the game.
-Load your Save File
-Open the Menu, and go to Equipment
-Remove the item from Firion.
If you did it right, the item will now be in your inventory.
Quote :

Key Items
01 Ring
02 Canoe
03 Pass
04 Mythril
05 Snowcraft
06 Goddess's Bell
07 Egil's Torch
08 Sunfire
09 Pendant
0A Wyvern Egg
0B White Mask
0C Black Mask
0D Crystal Rod
0E Wyvern
CF Light of Hope
10 Potion
11 Antidote
12 Gold Needle
13 Cross
14 Maidens Kiss
15 Mallet
16 Eye Drops
17 Pheonix Down
18 Elixer
19 Ether
1A Hi-Potion
1B Cottage
1C Wind Flute
1D Gaia Drum
1E Garlic
1F Unicorn Horn
20 Antarctic Wind
21 Sage's Wisdom
22 Saint's Wisdom
23 Hermes' Shoes
24 Spider's Silk
25 Bell of Silence
26 Hourglass
27 Death Idol
28 Bacchus's Wine
29 Acid Phial
2A Sleepgrass
2B Conch Shell
2C Betrayal Fang
2D Mythril Mirror
2E Hellfire

30 Bare Hands
31 Buckler
32 Bronze Shield
33 Mythril Shield
34 Golden Shield
35 Ice Shield
36 Flame Shield
37 Diamond Shield
38 Dragon Shield
39 Aegis Shield
3A Knife
3B Dagger
3C Mythril Knife
3D Main Gauche
3E Orchalcum
3F Ripper
40 Cat Claws
CA Dragon Claws
CC Dancing Daggers
41 Staff
45 Mage's Staff
46 Power Staff
47 Wizard's Staff
48 Healing Staff
C4 Stardust Rod
C9 Staff of Light
42 Mace
43 Mythral Mace
44 Werebuster
49 Diamond Mace
4A Javelin
4B Spear
4C Mythril Spear
4D Trident
4E Demon Spear
4F Flame Lance
50 Ice Lance
51 Thunder Spear
52 Holy Lance
C3 Wyvern Lance
CB Gugnir
CD Abel's Lance
CE Longinus
53 Broadsword
54 Longsword
55 Mythril Sword
56 Ancient Sword
57 Sleep Blade
58 Wing Sword
59 Blood Sword
5A Gaia Blade
5B Flame Sword
5C Ice Brand
5D Defender
5E Sun Blade
5F Excalibur
60 Masamune
C2 Wild Rose
C6 Ragnarok
61 Axe
62 Battle Axe
63 Mythril Axe
64 Demon Axe
65 Ogrekiller
66 Poison Axe
67 Rune Axe
C8 Gigantaxe
68 Bow
69 Longbow
6A Mythril Bow
6B Dark Bow
6C Flame Bow
6D Ice Bow
6E Killer Bow
6F Yoichi's Bow
C7 Artemis Bow
70 Leather Cap
71 Bronze Helm
72 Myrhril Helm
73 Giant's Helm
74 Flame Helm
75 Diamond Helm
76 Genji Helm
77 Twist Headband
78 Gold Hairpin
79 Ribbon
7A Clothes
7B Leather Armor
7C Bronze Armor
7D Mythril Armor
7E Golden Armor
7F Knight's Armor
80 Flame Armor
81 Ice Armor
82 Diamond Armor
83 Dragon Armor
84 Genji Armor
85 Copper Cuirass
86 Silver Cuirass
87 Ruby Cuirass
88 Gold Cuirass
89 Diamong Cuirass
8A White Robe
8B Black Robe
8C Power Sash
8D Black Garb
8E Leather Gloves
8F Bronze Gloves
90 Mythril Gloves
91 Thief's Gloves
92 Giant's Gloves
93 Ice Gloves
94 Diamond Gloves
95 Genji Gloves
96 Protect Gloves
97 Power Amulet
C5 Bracers
98 Fire Tome
99 Thunder Tome
9A Blizzard Tome
9B Scourge Tome
9C Drain Tome
9D Osmose Tome
9E Flare Tome
9F Sleep Tome
A0 Stun Tome
A1 Stop Tome
A2 Confuse Tome
A3 Blind Tome
A4 Curse Tome
A5 Toad Tome
A6 Break Tome
A7 Death Tome
A8 Warp Tome
A9 Beserk Tome
AA Haste Tome
AB Aura Tome
AC Destroy Tome
AD Cure Tome
AE Life Tome
AF Basuna Tome
B0 Esuna Tome
B1 Barrier Tome
B2 Blink Tome
B3 Protect Tome
B4 Shell Tome
B5 Wall Tome
B6 Dispel Tome
B7 Mini Tome
B8 Silence Tome
B9 Sap Tome
BA Fog Tome
BB Slow Tome
BC Swap Tome
BD Fear Tome
BE Holy Tome
BF Teleport Tome
C0 Ultima Tome
C1 Revive Tome

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Last edited by xXDarkenedHopeXx on Sat Aug 07, 2010 8:44 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Added all values for Firion's Equipment Modifier)
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Final Fantasy 2: Anniversary Edition Codes
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