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 OFW 5.50 And Up to CFW [Pandora's Battery Method]

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PostSubject: OFW 5.50 And Up to CFW [Pandora's Battery Method]   Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:55 am

Hello guys today i am going to teach you guys how to get custom firmware.

Ok First things you will need.

*Pandoras Battery
*Memory stick (32 MB Mem sticks that come with PSP Wont work!]

Ok so download Rains UltraLite MMS Maker by going here

Download it & Extract it.

Now insert your memory stick to your computer or put your PSP IN Usb Mode.

Run MMS Maker and check Format Memory Stick (Recommended) Then Click "Make MMS"

And let it do its thing.

Once done Turn off your PSP And put in Your MMS(Magic Memory Stick) and then Pandoras Bateery and then Install CFW And there ya go!

Tutorial Made by me! +Rep Me Very Happy
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OFW 5.50 And Up to CFW [Pandora's Battery Method]
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