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 How To Make Freeze Hacks/Codes

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PostSubject: How To Make Freeze Hacks/Codes   Mon May 10, 2010 7:50 pm

The state freezer, used to make a certain state stop working or being in effect...
The chaff grenade is a state changer, and we can freeze it to stop working!
That is a state freezer. We can do this to any state basically, even player states!
Like if your poisoned or stunned, you can, in a way, stop being poisoned or stunned!
Or you can make it a never ending effect, like power ups and etc. ANYTHING!
Now your probably thinking how we could possible do this! Well think of it this way...
You can only be poisoned for 10 seconds, so what if you could do a decrease count till it stops?
That will search for the poison effect, so if you adjust the value to 0, presumingly, you'll never get poisoned!
After a while, I learnt that codes base is 100-300 in value(dec), so always think of it around that...
But that doesn't apply for value codes and all the other obvious ones. I'll let you figure that one out!
So shall we begin? Enjoy, again, my state freezing guide! By the way, I'll be using MPO+ as an example in my guide.

-State Freezing! Woot much!-

1) Start up your game and go into a stage, preferably Adhoc for starters.
2) Remember to have a chaff grenade in one of your soldiers slots.
3) Go to an open space and open up your Cheatmaster/NitePR.
4) Chuck one of those fancy chaff grenades into your open space.
5) After it explodes, start a Fuz Auto/Unknown 32-bit search.
6) Wait for a second or two.
7) Now do a continue search for Dec/Less.
Cool Go out of Cheatmaster/NitePR and wait for a second or two.
9) Go back into Cheatmaster/NitePR and do a continue search for Dec/Less.
10) When you run out of chaff juice, chuck another grenade, that will reset the timer.
11) Now do a continue search for Incr/Greater to tell Cheatmaster the timer for the chaff effect restarted.
12) Repeat this process of searching less and less, until the effect stops working, then blah di blah di blah.
13) When you have enough results, around 20-50, add all of them to your Cheat Table/Cheat Menu.
14) Set all of their values to 0, this will and should, stop the effect from working when you do it.
15) Delete all the other spare codes when you found the one you need.
16) Play around with the value till you found what you wanted. (Example: Higher value for longer effect, lower value for shorter effect)
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How To Make Freeze Hacks/Codes
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