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 Resistance Retribution Codes

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PostSubject: Resistance Retribution Codes   Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:47 pm

;Resistance Retrubution
#!![>>>>>>>>ONLINE CODES<<<<<<<<]
0xffffffff 0xffffffff

#!!——–>Player Codes
0xffffffff 0xffffffff

#Health No Shock
0x003380ac 0x460e6300

#!Respawn Where You Die
0×00134CFC 0×03E00008

#Walk Through Walls
0×0030F948 0×03E00008

#Fly East
0×00611FE0 0×27A70120

#Fly North
0×00611FE0 0×27A70130

#Fly Up
0×00611FE0 0×27A70140

#Lock Player
0×00611FE0 0×27A70270

#Hide in Sky
0×00611F2C 0×27A50280

#Taunt – Secret Taunt
0×001432BC 0×248682A0
0×001432E0 0×248682A0
0×001432FC 0×248682A0
0×00143320 0×248682A0
0×0014333C 0×248682A0
0×00143360 0×248682A0
0×0014337C 0×248682A0
0×001433A0 0×248682A0
0×001433BC 0×248682A0
0×001433E0 0×248682A0
0×001433FC 0×248682A0
0×00143420 0×248682A0
0×0014343C 0×248682A0
0×00143460 0×248682A0
0×0014347C 0×248682A0
0×001434A0 0×248682A0
0×001434BC 0×248682A0
0×001434E0 0×248682A0
0×001434FC 0×248682A0
0×00143520 0×248682A0
0×0014353C 0×248682A0
0×00143560 0×248682A0
0×0014357C 0×248682A0

#Taunt – Kick Dirt
0×001432BC 0×248682B4
0×001432E0 0×248682B4
0×001432FC 0×248682B4
0×00143320 0×248682B4
0×0014333C 0×248682B4
0×00143360 0×248682B4
0×0014337C 0×248682B4
0×001433A0 0×248682B4
0×001433BC 0×248682B4
0×001433E0 0×248682B4
0×001433FC 0×248682B4
0×00143420 0×248682B4
0×0014343C 0×248682B4
0×00143460 0×248682B4
0×0014347C 0×248682B4
0×001434A0 0×248682B4
0×001434BC 0×248682B4
0×001434E0 0×248682B4
0×001434FC 0×248682B4
0×00143520 0×248682B4
0×0014353C 0×248682B4
0×00143560 0×248682B4
0×0014357C 0×248682B4

#Taunt – Polite Bow
0×001432BC 0×248682C4
0×001432E0 0×248682C4
0×001432FC 0×248682C4
0×00143320 0×248682C4
0×0014333C 0×248682C4
0×00143360 0×248682C4
0×0014337C 0×248682C4
0×001433A0 0×248682C4
0×001433BC 0×248682C4
0×001433E0 0×248682C4
0×001433FC 0×248682C4
0×00143420 0×248682C4
0×0014343C 0×248682C4
0×00143460 0×248682C4
0×0014347C 0×248682C4
0×001434A0 0×248682C4
0×001434BC 0×248682C4
0×001434E0 0×248682C4
0×001434FC 0×248682C4
0×00143520 0×248682C4
0×0014353C 0×248682C4
0×00143560 0×248682C4
0×0014357C 0×248682C4

#Taunt – Dance
0×001432BC 0×248682D8
0×001432E0 0×248682D8
0×001432FC 0×248682D8
0×00143320 0×248682D8
0×0014333C 0×248682D8
0×00143360 0×248682D8
0×0014337C 0×248682D8
0×001433A0 0×248682D8
0×001433BC 0×248682D8
0×001433E0 0×248682D8
0×001433FC 0×248682D8
0×00143420 0×248682D8
0×0014343C 0×248682D8
0×00143460 0×248682D8
0×0014347C 0×248682D8
0×001434A0 0×248682D8
0×001434BC 0×248682D8
0×001434E0 0×248682D8
0×001434FC 0×248682D8
0×00143520 0×248682D8
0×0014353C 0×248682D8
0×00143560 0×248682D8
0×0014357C 0×248682D8

#Taunt – Chest Thumping
0×001432BC 0×248682E4
0×001432E0 0×248682E4
0×001432FC 0×248682E4
0×00143320 0×248682E4
0×0014333C 0×248682E4
0×00143360 0×248682E4
0×0014337C 0×248682E4
0×001433A0 0×248682E4
0×001433BC 0×248682E4
0×001433E0 0×248682E4
0×001433FC 0×248682E4
0×00143420 0×248682E4
0×0014343C 0×248682E4
0×00143460 0×248682E4
0×0014347C 0×248682E4
0×001434A0 0×248682E4
0×001434BC 0×248682E4
0×001434E0 0×248682E4
0×001434FC 0×248682E4
0×00143520 0×248682E4
0×0014353C 0×248682E4
0×00143560 0×248682E4
0×0014357C 0×248682E4

#Taunt – You’re Out
0×001432BC 0×248682FC
0×001432E0 0×248682FC
0×001432FC 0×248682FC
0×00143320 0×248682FC
0×0014333C 0×248682FC
0×00143360 0×248682FC
0×0014337C 0×248682FC
0×001433A0 0×248682FC
0×001433BC 0×248682FC
0×001433E0 0×248682FC
0×001433FC 0×248682FC
0×00143420 0×248682FC
0×0014343C 0×248682FC
0×00143460 0×248682FC
0×0014347C 0×248682FC
0×001434A0 0×248682FC
0×001434BC 0×248682FC
0×001434E0 0×248682FC
0×001434FC 0×248682FC
0×00143520 0×248682FC
0×0014353C 0×248682FC
0×00143560 0×248682FC
0×0014357C 0×248682FC

#Taunt – Home Run
0×001432BC 0×2486830C
0×001432E0 0×2486830C
0×001432FC 0×2486830C
0×00143320 0×2486830C
0×0014333C 0×2486830C
0×00143360 0×2486830C
0×0014337C 0×2486830C
0×001433A0 0×2486830C
0×001433BC 0×2486830C
0×001433E0 0×2486830C
0×001433FC 0×2486830C
0×00143420 0×2486830C
0×0014343C 0×2486830C
0×00143460 0×2486830C
0×0014347C 0×2486830C
0×001434A0 0×2486830C
0×001434BC 0×2486830C
0×001434E0 0×2486830C
0×001434FC 0×2486830C
0×00143520 0×2486830C
0×0014353C 0×2486830C
0×00143560 0×2486830C
0×0014357C 0×2486830C

#Taunt – Cloven Scream
0×001432BC 0×2486831C
0×001432E0 0×2486831C
0×001432FC 0×2486831C
0×00143320 0×2486831C
0×0014333C 0×2486831C
0×00143360 0×2486831C
0×0014337C 0×2486831C
0×001433A0 0×2486831C
0×001433BC 0×2486831C
0×001433E0 0×2486831C
0×001433FC 0×2486831C
0×00143420 0×2486831C
0×0014343C 0×2486831C
0×00143460 0×2486831C
0×0014347C 0×2486831C
0×001434A0 0×2486831C
0×001434BC 0×2486831C
0×001434E0 0×2486831C
0×001434FC 0×2486831C
0×00143520 0×2486831C
0×0014353C 0×2486831C
0×00143560 0×2486831C
0×0014357C 0×2486831C

#Taunt – Air Guitar
0×001432BC 0×24868330
0×001432E0 0×24868330
0×001432FC 0×24868330
0×00143320 0×24868330
0×0014333C 0×24868330
0×00143360 0×24868330
0×0014337C 0×24868330
0×001433A0 0×24868330
0×001433BC 0×24868330
0×001433E0 0×24868330
0×001433FC 0×24868330
0×00143420 0×24868330
0×0014343C 0×24868330
0×00143460 0×24868330
0×0014347C 0×24868330
0×001434A0 0×24868330
0×001434BC 0×24868330
0×001434E0 0×24868330
0×001434FC 0×24868330
0×00143520 0×24868330
0×0014353C 0×24868330
0×00143560 0×24868330
0×0014357C 0×24868330

#Taunt – Head Banger
0×001432BC 0×24868344
0×001432E0 0×24868344
0×001432FC 0×24868344
0×00143320 0×24868344
0×0014333C 0×24868344
0×00143360 0×24868344
0×0014337C 0×24868344
0×001433A0 0×24868344
0×001433BC 0×24868344
0×001433E0 0×24868344
0×001433FC 0×24868344
0×00143420 0×24868344
0×0014343C 0×24868344
0×00143460 0×24868344
0×0014347C 0×24868344
0×001434A0 0×24868344
0×001434BC 0×24868344
0×001434E0 0×24868344
0×001434FC 0×24868344
0×00143520 0×24868344
0×0014353C 0×24868344
0×00143560 0×24868344
0×0014357C 0×24868344

#Taunt – Cloven Rip Apart
0×001432BC 0×24868358
0×001432E0 0×24868358
0×001432FC 0×24868358
0×00143320 0×24868358
0×0014333C 0×24868358
0×00143360 0×24868358
0×0014337C 0×24868358
0×001433A0 0×24868358
0×001433BC 0×24868358
0×001433E0 0×24868358
0×001433FC 0×24868358
0×00143420 0×24868358
0×0014343C 0×24868358
0×00143460 0×24868358
0×0014347C 0×24868358
0×001434A0 0×24868358
0×001434BC 0×24868358
0×001434E0 0×24868358
0×001434FC 0×24868358
0×00143520 0×24868358
0×0014353C 0×24868358
0×00143560 0×24868358
0×0014357C 0×24868358

#Taunt – Crotch Chop
0×001432BC 0×24868370
0×001432E0 0×24868370
0×001432FC 0×24868370
0×00143320 0×24868370
0×0014333C 0×24868370
0×00143360 0×24868370
0×0014337C 0×24868370
0×001433A0 0×24868370
0×001433BC 0×24868370
0×001433E0 0×24868370
0×001433FC 0×24868370
0×00143420 0×24868370
0×0014343C 0×24868370
0×00143460 0×24868370
0×0014347C 0×24868370
0×001434A0 0×24868370
0×001434BC 0×24868370
0×001434E0 0×24868370
0×001434FC 0×24868370
0×00143520 0×24868370
0×0014353C 0×24868370
0×00143560 0×24868370
0×0014357C 0×24868370

#Taunt – Break Dance
0×001432BC 0×24868384
0×001432E0 0×24868384
0×001432FC 0×24868384
0×00143320 0×24868384
0×0014333C 0×24868384
0×00143360 0×24868384
0×0014337C 0×24868384
0×001433A0 0×24868384
0×001433BC 0×24868384
0×001433E0 0×24868384
0×001433FC 0×24868384
0×00143420 0×24868384
0×0014343C 0×24868384
0×00143460 0×24868384
0×0014347C 0×24868384
0×001434A0 0×24868384
0×001434BC 0×24868384
0×001434E0 0×24868384
0×001434FC 0×24868384
0×00143520 0×24868384
0×0014353C 0×24868384
0×00143560 0×24868384
0×0014357C 0×24868384

#Player Jump
;Press Select to Jump
0×00000900 0×3c0808eb
0×00000904 0×8d083dcc
0×00000908 0×24090001
0×0000090c 0×3c0a08ea
0×00000910 0×8d4acab8
0×00000914 0×8d4a0548
0×00000918 0×3c0b3d20;Jump Hieght
0×0000091c 0×15090005
0×00000920 0×448b5000
0×00000924 0xc54b0028
0×00000928 0×460b5300
0×0000092c 0×440c6000
0×00000930 0xad4c0028
0×00000934 0×03e00008
0×0041a170 0×0e200240

#Twisted’s Superman
;Credit: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
;New Superman Method by me
;Fly in the direction your pointing
0×00000E00 0×3C0808EB
0×00000E04 0×8D083DF0
0×00000E08 0×3C09C2FF
0×00000E0C 0×3C0A08EA
0×00000E10 0×8D4ACAB8
0×00000E14 0×8D4B0084
0×00000E18 0xC5410A70
0×00000E1C 0xC5620040
0×00000E20 0×460208C1
0×00000E24 0xC5440A74
0×00000E28 0xC5650044
0×00000E2C 0×46052181
0×00000E30 0xC5470A78
0×00000E34 0xC5680048
0×00000E38 0×46083A41
0×00000E3C 0×46031A82
0×00000E40 0×460632C2
0×00000E44 0×46094B02
0×00000E48 0×460B5000
0×00000E4C 0×460C0000
0×00000E50 0×46000344
0×00000E54 0×3C0C3F80;Speed
0×00000E58 0×448C7000
0×00000E5C 0×460E6B43
0×00000E60 0×460D18C3
0×00000E64 0×460D3183
0×00000E68 0×460D4A43
0×00000E6C 0×1509000A
0×00000E74 0×460218C0
0×00000E78 0×46053180
0×00000E7C 0×46084A40
0×00000E80 0×440D1800
0×00000E84 0×440E3000
0×00000E88 0×440F4800
0×00000E8C 0xAD6D0040
0×00000E90 0xAD6E0044
0×00000E94 0xAD6F0048
0×00000E98 0×03E00008
0×002FBAA4 0×0E200380
0×00307FC0 0×03E00008
0×00308CB8 0×00000000
0×0030F948 0×03E00008
0×00611FE0 0×27A70270

#WorlDKing’s Superman
;joystick up=go ahead
;joystick down=go back
;joystick left=go up
;joystick right=go down
0×0044E488 0×0A200380
0×00000E00 0×3C0808EB
0×00000E04 0xC50C3DF0
0×00000E08 0×3C09C29E
0×00000E0C 0×44896800
0×00000E10 0×3C0C08F8
0×00000E14 0×258CC950
0×00000E18 0xD9980000
0×00000E1C 0×460C683C
0×00000E20 0×00000000
0×00000E24 0×45010005
0×00000E28 0×00000000
0×00000E2C 0xD8920000
0×00000E30 0xD0023838
0×00000E34 0×60981292
0×00000E38 0xF8920000
0×00000E3C 0×46006B87
0×00000E40 0×460E603C
0×00000E44 0×00000000
0×00000E48 0×45010005
0×00000E4C 0xC50C3DEC
0×00000E50 0xD8920000
0×00000E54 0xD0023838
0×00000E58 0×60181292
0×00000E5C 0xF8920000
0×00000E60 0×460C683C
0×00000E64 0×00000000
0×00000E68 0×45010003
0×00000E6C 0xD8920000
0×00000E70 0×60725252
0×00000E74 0xF8920000
0×00000E78 0×460E603C
0×00000E7C 0×00000000
0×00000E80 0×45010002
0×00000E84 0xD8920000
0×00000E88 0×60F25252
0×00000E8C 0×0A313938
0×00000E90 0xF8920000
0×00000E94 0×00000000
0×0030FF08 0×00000000

#Hold Select To Crawl
;Jokered by: Blaze_Fire
0×004CAE94 0×0E20018C
0×00000630 0×3C0808EA
0×00000634 0×8D08CAB8
0×00000638 0×3C0908EB
0×0000063C 0×8D2A3DCC
0×00000640 0×340B0001
0×00000644 0×3C0D0000
0×00000648 0xAD0D0344
0×0000064C 0×154B0004
0×00000650 0×00000000
0×00000654 0×340D0008
0×00000658 0×00000000
0×0000065C 0xAD0D0344
0×00000660 0×03E00008

#Grab Flag
;press select
;Credit: Warlock
0×004688f4 0×0a200200
0×00000800 0×3c0908eb
0×00000804 0×3c0a03e0
0×00000808 0×3c0b0891
0×0000080c 0×354c0008
0×00000810 0×8d283dcc
0×00000814 0×340d0001
0×00000818 0×110d0006
0×0000081c 0×00000000
0×00000820 0×3c0a27bd
0×00000824 0×354cff90
0×00000828 0xad6ce068
0×0000082c 0×10000003
0×00000830 0×00000000
0×00000834 0xad6ce068
0×00000838 0×00000000
0×0000083c 0×03e00008

#Flag Catcher
;Tap R To Take The Enemy Flag
;Credit: Warlock & WorldKing
0×002722EC 0×0A200C02
0×00003000 0×2E746753
0×00003004 0×007A6942
0×00003008 0×3C0C0891
0×0000300C 0×3C0D03E0
0×00003010 0×35AD0008
0×00003014 0xAD8DE068
0×00003018 0×03E00008

#Auto CTF Grabber
;Also get all weapons
;Credit: Warlock
0×0010E068 0×03e00008

#Instant Win
;hold select
0×004688f4 0×0a200200
0×00000800 0×3c0908eb
0×00000804 0×00000000
0×00000808 0×3c0b0891
0×0000080c 0×00000000
0×00000810 0×8d283dcc
0×00000814 0×340d0001
0×00000818 0×110d0006
0×0000081c 0×00000000
0×00000820 0×3c0a1040
0×00000824 0×354c0054
0×00000828 0xad6cfdb0
0×0000082c 0×10000003
0×00000830 0×00000000
0×00000834 0xad60fdb0
0×00000838 0×00000000
0×0000083c 0×03e00008

#Fall Through Floor
;Credit: WhoIsYou
0×00000038 0×06

#!WorldKing’s Flash
;Credit WorldKing
0×00000078 0×401800000

#No Auto Respawn
;Can stay dead forever
;Credit: WhoIsYou
0×002145E8 0×00000000

#Fake Skywalker
;Credit: DFZ
0×006274a8 0×3c044060

#Stuck In Place
;Credit: DFZ
0×00611a74 0×3c040000

#Fall Through Map
;Credit DFZ
0×00611a74 0×3c044080

#Freeze Screen
0×006bdc24 0×01

#Shift Player Stance Right
;Credit: kkhoun
0×006bdc00 0×40800000

#Noob Salute
;Credit WorldKing
0×0014703c 0×3c044240

#The Mantis Crawl
;Credit: Creator
0×0039D6FC 0×00000000

#Jynxx Jump
;Press select to jump
;Credit: Jynxx [OHG]
0×004688f4 0×0a200200
0×00000800 0×3c0d08b1
0×00000808 0×3c1808eb
0×0000080c 0×8f183dcc
0×00000810 0×3c0908f7
0×00000814 0×8d2a9ecc
0×00000818 0×8d4b002c
0×0000081c 0×8d6c0084
0×00000820 0×240f0001
0×00000824 0×170f0009
0×0000082c 0xada00250
0×00000830 0xc58f0048
0×00000834 0×3c0e3dcc
0×00000838 0×448e8000
0×0000083c 0×46107bc0
0×00000840 0xe58f0048
0×00000844 0×10000005
0×0000084c 0×3c0e0e2c
0×00000850 0×25ce3fbe
0×00000854 0xadae0250
0×0000085c 0×03e00008

;Press select
;Credit: Jynxx [OHG]
0×00481380 0×0a200200
0×00000800 0×3c0908e0
0×00000804 0×3c0a03e0
0×00000808 0×3c0b08c4
0×0000080c 0×354c0008
0×00000810 0×8d28e08c
0×00000814 0×340d0001
0×00000818 0×110d0006
0×00000820 0×3c0a27bd
0×00000824 0×354cff90
0×00000828 0xad6c210c
0×0000082c 0×10000003
0×00000834 0xad6c210c
0×0000083c 0×03e00008

#Body Armour
;Press select
;Credit: Jynxx[OHG]
0×00000098 0×0a200200
0×00000800 0×00000000
0×00000804 0×00000000
0×00000808 0×00000000
0×0000080c 0×3c0908eb
0×00000810 0×8d283dcc
0×00000814 0×340d0001
0×00000818 0×150d0008
0×0000081c 0×00000000
0×00000820 0×3c0943c8
0×00000824 0×252a0000
0×00000828 0×3c0b08f7
0×0000082c 0×8d6c9ecc
0×00000830 0×8d8d002c
0×00000834 0xadaa0028
0×00000838 0×00000000
0×0000083c 0×03e00008

#KiNg’S SkyPlace
;Credit: KiNgOfUnIvErS
;;(R=Stop In Place)
;Press L+^=Up
;And After 1,2 Second Press R
;And u Place in Air (u Cant Move Your Self)
;Press L+v=Down for Fall Down
0×00468890 0×0E200280
0×00000A00 0×3C080880
0×00000A04 0×3C0908EB
0×00000A08 0×8D293DCC
0×00000A0C 0×240A0200
0×00000A10 0×152A0003
0×00000A14 0×240B0001
0×00000A18 0xA50B05FC
0×00000A1C 0×10000005
0×00000A20 0×240A0140
0×00000A24 0×152A0003
0×00000A28 0×240B0000
0×00000A2C 0xA50B05FC
0×00000A30 0×10000000
0×00000A34 0×3C0908E1
0×00000A38 0×850A05FC
0×00000A3C 0×240B0001
0×00000A40 0×154B0004
0×00000A44 0×3C0C4484
0×00000A48 0×358CD000
0×00000A4C 0xAD2C1A78
0×00000A50 0×10000003
0×00000A54 0×3C0C4484
0×00000A58 0×358CC000
0×00000A5C 0xAD2C1A78
0×00000A9c 0×03e00008
;Superjump ONLINE
;ALL Credit to Jynxx[OHG]
0×004688f4 0×0a200200
0×00000800 0×3c0908eb
0×00000804 0×3c0a03e0
0×00000808 0×3c0b08c3
0×0000080c 0×354c0008
0×00000810 0×8d283dcc
0×00000814 0×340d0110
0×00000818 0×110d0006
0×00000820 0×3c0a27bd
0×00000824 0×354cff90
0×00000828 0xad6cc628
0×0000082c 0×10000003
0×00000834 0xad6cc628
0×00000838 0×03E00008

#Fall in Hole
;Credit KiNgOfUnIvErS
;;(R+v = On)
;;(R+^ = Off)
0×00468890 0×0e200218
0×00000860 0×3c0808Eb
0×00000864 0×85083dcc
0×00000868 0×3c0908E2
0×0000086c 0×340a0240
0×00000870 0×340b0210
0×00000874 0×3c0c0040
0×00000878 0×358d5025
0×0000087c 0×3c0e0040
0×00000880 0×35ce8025
0×00000884 0×150a0002
0×00000888 0×00000000
0×0000088c 0xad2d4cd4
0×00000890 0×150b0002
0×00000894 0×00000000
0×00000898 0xad2e4cd4
0×0000089c 0×03e00008

#!!——–>Teleport Codes
0xffffffff 0xffffffff

#Teleport To Middle of Map
;Credit: Val
0×0042c83c 0×03e00008
0×0042c840 0×00000000

#Teleport to Crosshair
;Credit: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
;Press Down to Teleport
0×00000800 0×3C0808EA
0×00000804 0×8D09CAB8
0×00000808 0×3C0A08EB
0×0000080C 0×814B3DCC
0×00000810 0×340C0040
0×00000814 0×116C0007
0×00000818 0×3C0D08B1
0×0000081C 0×8D2E0A70
0×00000820 0×8D2F0A74
0×00000824 0×8D380A78
0×00000828 0xAD0EABC0
0×0000082C 0xAD0FABC4
0×00000830 0xAD18ABC8
0×00000834 0×156C0009
0×00000838 0×8D290084
0×0000083C 0×8D0EABC0
0×00000840 0×8D0FABC4
0×00000844 0×8D18ABC8
0×00000848 0xADA00250
0×0000084C 0xAD2E0040
0×00000850 0xAD2F0044
0×00000854 0xAD380048
0×00000858 0×10000003
0×0000085C 0×3C190E2C
0×00000860 0×37393FBE
0×00000864 0xADB90250
0×00000868 0×0A251A24
0×00146888 0×0A200200

#Mark & Recall
;Credit: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
;Press Down to Mark
;Press L and Down To Recall
0×00000700 0×3C0808EB
0×00000704 0×8D083DCC
0×00000708 0×24090040
0×0000070C 0×3C0A08EA
0×00000710 0×8D4ACAB8
0×00000714 0×8D4A0084
0×00000718 0×1528000E
0×0000071C 0×3C0B08B1
0×00000720 0×8D4C0040
0×00000724 0×8D4D0044
0×00000728 0×8D4E0048
0×0000072C 0×8D4F0050
0×00000730 0×8D580054
0×00000734 0×8D590058
0×00000738 0xAD4C00D0
0×0000073C 0xAD4D00D4
0×00000740 0xAD4E00D8
0×00000744 0xAD4F00E0
0×00000748 0xAD5800E4
0×0000074C 0xAD5900E8
0×00000750 0×1000000F
0×00000754 0×24090140
0×00000758 0×1528000E
0×0000075C 0×8D4C00D0
0×00000760 0×8D4D00D4
0×00000764 0×8D4E00D8
0×00000768 0×8D4F00E0
0×0000076C 0×8D5800E4
0×00000770 0×8D5900E8
0×00000774 0xAD600250
0×00000778 0xAD4C0040
0×0000077C 0xAD4D0044
0×00000780 0xAD4E0048
0×00000784 0xAD4F0050
0×00000788 0xAD580054
0×0000078C 0xAD590058
0×00000790 0×10000003
0×00000794 0×3C0C0E2C
0×00000798 0×258C3FBE
0×0000079C 0xAD6C0250
0×000007A0 0×03E00008
0×0041A178 0×0E2001C0

;Credit: Jynxx [OHG]
;Cloven flag = Select+Down
;Maquis flag = Select+Left
0×004688f4 0×0a200800
0×00000800 0xc361c55a
0×00000804 0×4171e0f7
0×00000808 0×4086996c
0×0000080c 0×4336c824
0×00000810 0xc1306a56
0×00000814 0×4067881e
0×0000081c 0xc15b1c3e
0×00000820 0×42929d42
0×00000824 0×3fe74840
0×00000828 0xc197ea4b
0×0000082c 0xc3419783
0×00000830 0×3ff559e3
0×00000838 0×41fedf98
0×0000083c 0xc2cf0e51
0×00000840 0×401c6222
0×00000844 0×41cdde7c
0×00000848 0×434b9987
0×0000084c 0×402f3696
0×00000854 0×411abe68
0×00000858 0×43084be3
0×0000085c 0×413b07de
0×00000860 0xc1af5aa6
0×00000864 0xc2bced2f
0×00000868 0×413a7fdd
0×00000870 0xc27f46c4
0×00000874 0×42bbfbb5
0×00000878 0×408458a6
0×0000087c 0×42cd73b7
0×00000880 0xc2b629fd
0×00000884 0×4085df6e
0×00001000 0×3c1808eb
0×00001004 0×8f183dcc
0×00001008 0×3c0908f7
0×0000100c 0×8d2a9ecc
0×00001010 0×8d4b002c
0×00001014 0×8d6c0084
0×0000101c 0xc5ad0800
0×00001020 0xc5ae0804
0×00001024 0xc5af0808
0×00001028 0xc5b0080c
0×0000102c 0xc5b10810
0×00001030 0xc5b20814
0×00001034 0×240f0081
0×00001038 0×170f000b
0×00001040 0×3c0b08b1
0×00001044 0×3c1803e0
0×00001048 0×27180008
0×0000104c 0xad78fef8
0×00001050 0xad60fefc
0×00001054 0xe5900040
0×00001058 0xe5910044
0×0000105c 0xe5920048
0×00001060 0×1000000d
0×00001068 0×240f0041
0×0000106c 0×170f0011
0×00001074 0×3c0b08b1
0×00001078 0×3c1803e0
0×0000107c 0×27180008
0×00001080 0xad78fef8
0×00001084 0xad60fefc
0×00001088 0xe58d0040
0×0000108c 0xe58e0044
0×00001090 0xe58f0048
0×00001098 0×3c18afbf
0×0000109c 0×27180030
0×000010a0 0xad78fefc
0×000010a4 0×3c1927be
0×000010a8 0×2739ffc0
0×000010ac 0xad79fef8
0×000010b4 0×03e00008
0×00002000 0×3c0908f7
0×00002004 0×8d29a0b0
0×00002008 0×3c0a4e45
0×0000200c 0×254a5254
0×00002010 0×3c0d0880
0×00002014 0×152a0003
0×0000201c 0×112afbf8
0×00002024 0×3c0a4e4e
0×00002028 0×254a4f42
0×0000202c 0×25ad001c
0×00002030 0×152a0003
0×00002038 0×112afbf1
0×00002040 0×3c0a4558
0×00002044 0×254a554c
0×00002048 0×25ad001c
0×0000204c 0×152a0003
0×00002054 0×112afbea
0×0000205c 0×3c0a4154
0×00002060 0×254a4143
0×00002064 0×25ad001c
0×00002068 0×152a0003
0×00002070 0×112afbe3
0×00002078 0×3c0a4554
0×0000207c 0×254a4f52
0×00002080 0×25ad001c
0×00002084 0×152a0003
0×0000208c 0×112afbdc
0×00002094 0×03e00008

#Fanny Teleport
;Credit WorldKing
;D-Pad Down=Disactive
;This code teleport all player in one place
;of the Map and whit u teleport
;all base of the object
;like Weapon base,Jamp base,Flag base
0×00468890 0×0E200280
0×00000A00 0×3C080880
0×00000A04 0×3C0908EB
0×00000A08 0×8D293DCC
0×00000A0C 0×240A0001
0×00000A10 0×152A0003
0×00000A14 0×240B0001
0×00000A18 0xA50B05FC
0×00000A1C 0×10000005
0×00000A20 0×240A0040
0×00000A24 0×152A0003
0×00000A28 0×240B0000
0×00000A2C 0xA50B05FC
0×00000A30 0×10000000
0×00000A34 0×3C0908E2
0×00000A38 0×850A05FC
0×00000A3C 0×240B0001
0×00000A40 0×154B0004
0×00000A44 0×3C0C4600
0×00000A48 0×358CE706
0×00000A4C 0xAD2C74BC
0×00000A50 0×10000003
0×00000A54 0×3C0C4600
0×00000A58 0×358CD706
0×00000A5C 0xAD2C74BC
0×00000A60 0×03E00008

#!!——–>Weapon Codes
0xffffffff 0xffffffff

#!Fast Reload
;Credit: WorldKing
0×00271F50 0×84A60004

#Shoot Above Head
;Credit: kkhoun
0×003d3010 0×3c054080

#Infinite Ammo/Rapid/Silent
;Credit: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
0×00271D34 0×00000000

#!One Shot Kill
0×00271F14 0×24087F80
0×00271F18 0×8c890000
0×00271F1C 0xAD2800E0

#Shoot Through Walls
0×00308CB8 0×00000000

#Explosive Bullets
;Credit: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
;Can’t be turned off
0×00000C00 0×24090002
0×00000C04 0×3C0A4000
0×00000C08 0×3C0B4190
0×00000C0C 0×240C000D
0×00000C10 0×8C8D0000
0×00000C14 0xADA90048
0×00000C18 0xADAA0104
0×00000C1C 0xADAB0108
0×00000C20 0xADAC0130
0×00000C24 0×240E0190
0×00000C28 0xADAE00E0
0×00000C2C 0xADAE00E4
0×00000C30 0xADAE00E8
0×00000C34 0×03E00008
0×00271F18 0×0E200300

#Auto Assist
;Enables auto aim, even if in disabled room
0×001468A0 0×0e2002a8
0×00000AA0 0×3c0808ea
0×00000AA4 0×8d08cab8
0×00000AA8 0×8d08004c
0×00000AAC 0×34090101
0×00000AB0 0xa1090284
0×00000AB4 0×03e00008

#Instant Charge – Longbow 1S-1K
;Credit: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
0×00000A00 0×3C0808EA
0×00000A04 0×8D08CAB8
0×00000A08 0×8D080850
0×00000A0C 0×8D080048
0×00000A10 0×11000002
0×00000A14 0×3C094080
0×00000A18 0xAD090090
0×00000A1C 0×03E00008
0×00000A20 0×0E2E5E49
0×0039D7A0 0×0E200280

#Instant Charge – XR-004 Allure
;Credit: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
;Press L to Instant Charge
0×00000A30 0×3C0808EA
0×00000A34 0×8D08CAB8
0×00000A38 0×8D080850
0×00000A3C 0×8D080050
0×00000A40 0×11000002
0×00000A44 0×3C0940BD
0×00000A48 0xAD090098
0×00000A4C 0×03E00008
0×00146890 0×0E20028C

#Infinite Chain Gun Shield
0×0026ACD4 0×3C047FFFF

#Infinite Fareye Secondary
;Credit: Scuzzy
0×0026EE4C 0×3C04FFFF

#Infinite Chaingun Shield
;Credit: Scuzzy
0×004688f4 0×0a200200
0×00000800 0×3c093c04
0×00000804 0×252a7fff
0×00000808 0×3c0b08a7
0×0000080C 0xad6aacd4
0×00000810 0×03e00008

#Bullets Make Explosion
;Credit: Jonata
;Not real explosives
0×0020F824 0×8E050000

#Spawn all Weapons
;Press L+ Down
;Credit: Vosman
0×00000FA0 0×64657243
0×00000FA4 0×203A7469
0×00000FA8 0×736F5620
0×00000FAC 0×006E616D
0×00000FB0 0×77617053
0×00000FB4 0×6C61206E
0×00000FB8 0×6577206C
0×00000FBC 0×6E6F7061
0×00000FC0 0×68632073
0×00000FC4 0×20746165
0×00000FC8 0×62616E45
0×00000FCC 0×0021656C
0×00000FD0 0×0000003D
0×00000FD4 0×00000114
0×00000FD8 0×00000102
0×00000FDC 0×00000107
0×00000FE0 0×00000108
0×00000FE4 0×00000109
0×00000FE8 0×0000009F
0×00000FEC 0×0000010F
0×00000FF0 0×00000111
0×00000FF4 0×00000112
0×00000FF8 0×00000105
0×001292A8 0×0A200400
0×001292AC 0×00A08825
0×00001000 0×27BDFFE0
0×00001004 0xAFBF0000
0×00001008 0xAFA40004
0×0000100C 0xAFA2001C
0×00001010 0xAFA60008
0×00001014 0xAFA7000C
0×00001018 0xAFA80010
0×0000101C 0xAFB70014
0×00001020 0xAFB60018
0×00001024 0×3C0408EB
0×00001028 0×8C843DCC
0×0000102C 0×34080140
0×00001030 0×30840140
0×00001034 0×1504003E
0×00001038 0×00000000
0×0000103C 0×3C170880
0×00001040 0×26F70FD0
0×00001044 0×8EF60000
0×00001048 0×3C0708B8
0×0000104C 0×00004025
0×00001050 0×24E79A40
0×00001054 0×34060001
0×00001058 0×34050001
0×0000105C 0×0E295A80
0×00001060 0×02C02025
0×00001064 0×8E240850
0×00001068 0×02C02825
0×0000106C 0×34070001
0×00001070 0×00004025
0×00001074 0×00E04825
0×00001078 0×0E29577B
0×0000107C 0×0040B025
0×00001080 0×8E240850
0×00001084 0×00161080
0×00001088 0×00821021
0×0000108C 0×8C420008
0×00001090 0×340803E7
0×00001094 0xAC480010
0×00001098 0×3408000F
0×0000109C 0×5516FFE9
0×000010A0 0×26F70004
0×000010A4 0xAC960160
0×000010A8 0×3c0408f8
0×000010AC 0×2484b530
0×000010B0 0×3c053e00
0×000010B4 0xac850000
0×000010B8 0xac850008
0×000010BC 0×3c054d00
0×000010C0 0xac850004
0×000010C4 0xac85000c
0×000010C8 0×248414a0
0×000010CC 0xac850000
0×000010D0 0xac85000c
0×000010D4 0×3c053e00
0×000010D8 0xac850004
0×000010DC 0xac850008
0×000010E0 0×3C0408EC
0×000010E4 0×8C8446DC
0×000010E8 0×8C840120
0×000010EC 0×3C050880
0×000010F0 0×24A50FB0
0×000010F4 0×3C0608F8
0×000010F8 0×24C6C9B0
0×000010FC 0×34080000
0×00001100 0×0E31FC28
0×00001104 0×34070002
0×00001108 0×3C0408EC
0×0000110C 0×8C8446DC
0×00001110 0×8C840124
0×00001114 0×3C050880
0×00001118 0×24A50FA0
0×0000111C 0×3C0608F8
0×00001120 0×24C6B530
0×00001124 0×34080000
0×00001128 0×0E31FC28
0×0000112C 0×34070002
0×00001130 0×8FB60018
0×00001134 0×8FA40004
0×00001138 0×8FA2001C
0×0000113C 0×8FA60008
0×00001140 0×8FA7000C
0×00001144 0×8FA80010
0×00001148 0×8FB70014
0×0000114C 0×8FBF0000
0×00001150 0×8C850000
0×00001154 0×0A24A4AC
0×00001158 0×27BD0020

#!Infinite Ammo
;Credit: StR8Kr4zY
0×00271F14 0×0000

#!Rapid Fire
;Credit: StR8Kr4zY
0×002714EC 0×2F80
0×00272284 0×34110010

#.303 Delayed Nades
;Credit: StR8Kr4zY
;[Must Die 1st]
0×00000B00 0×3c0808e7
0×00000B04 0×3c090046
0×00000B08 0×35295f72
0×00000B0C 0xad098a08
0×00000B10 0×03e00008
0×00143d28 0×0a2002c0

#L206 – Lockon
;Credit: StR8Kr4zY
;Rocket Launcher lock-on
0×00000B40 0×3c0808e6
0×00000B44 0×3c097373
0×00000B48 0×35296973
0×00000B4C 0xad097EA8
0×00000B50 0×03e00008
0×00143d28 0×0a2002d0

#1S 1K – Lockon
;Credit: StR8Kr4zY
;While Charging
0×00000B70 0×3c0808e7
0×00000B74 0×3c090063
0×00000B78 0×35296567
0×00000B7C 0xad098B78
0×00000B80 0×03e00008
0×00143d28 0×0a2002dc

#Fareye – Lockon
;Credit: StR8Kr4zY
;Assist + Scope
0×00001110 0×3c0808e6
0×00001114 0×3c090000
0×00001118 0×35290073
0×0000111C 0xad097A30
0×00001120 0×03e00008
0×00143d28 0×0a200444

#Razor – Secondary Ammo -1
;Credit: StR8Kr4zY
;Makes secondary ammo go down by 1-5
0×00001170 0×3c0808a9
0×00001174 0×3c094600
0×00001178 0×3529430D
0×0000117C 0xad09955C
0×00001180 0×03e00008
0×00143d28 0×0a20045c

#Razor – Instant Charge
;Credit: StR8Kr4zY
0×00001200 0×3c0808a9
0×00001204 0×3c094409
0×00001208 0×35296800
0×0000120C 0xad099ED0
0×00001210 0×03e00008
0×00143d28 0×0a200480

;Credit: StR8Kr4zY
;(L+DPAD ^) On
;(L+DPAD v) Off
;(L+DPAD <) On
;(L+DPAD >) Off
0×00001000 0×38525453 ;STR8
0×00001004 0×5A34524B ;KR4Z
0×00001008 0×00000059 ;Y
0×0000100c 0×3c0808eb
0×00001010 0×85083dcc
0×00001014 0×3c0908a9
0×00001018 0×340a0110
0×0000101C 0×340b0140
0×00001020 0×3c0c4409
0×00001024 0×358d6800
0×00001028 0×3c0e4408
0×0000102C 0×35ce6800
0×00001030 0×150a0002
0×00001038 0xad2d9ed0
0×0000103C 0×150b0002
0×00001044 0xad2e9ed0
0×0000104C 0×3c0908a9
0×00001050 0×340a0180
0×00001054 0×340b0120
0×00001058 0×3c0c460d
0×0000105C 0×358d6100
0×00001060 0×3c0e460d
0×00001064 0×35ce6300
0×00001068 0×150a0002
0×00001070 0xad2d9d60
0×00001074 0×150b0002
0×0000107C 0xad2e9d60
0×00001080 0×03e00008
0×00000098 0×0a200403

#ULTRA-1337 OHG FR-1
;Credit: StR8Kr4zY
;inf fareye focus
;(l+dpad ^) on
;focus never
;run’s out
;fareye-aim assist
;(l+dpad >) on
;when you go to use
;scope it’ll auto lock-on
;fareye-360 focus
;(l+dpad <) on
;when in an area
;just go into focus-
;mode and every around
;will slow down from 360 focus
;press select to turn off all
0×00000c00 0×38525453 ;str8
0×00000c04 0×5a34524b ;kr4z
0×00000c08 0×00000059 ;y
0×00000c0c 0×3c0808eb
0×00000c10 0×85083dcc
0×00000c14 0×3c0908a7
0×00000c18 0×340a0110
0×00000c1c 0×340b0001
0×00000c20 0×3c0cc60c
0×00000c24 0×358d209c
0×00000c28 0×3c0ec60c
0×00000c2c 0×35ce009c
0×00000c30 0×150a0002
0×00000c38 0xad2dedac
0×00000c3c 0×150b0002
0×00000c44 0xad2eedac
0×00000c4c 0×3c0908e6
0×00000c50 0×340a0120
0×00000c54 0×340b0001
0×00000c58 0×3c0c0000
0×00000c5c 0×358d0073
0×00000c60 0×3c0e0000
0×00000c64 0×35ce0074
0×00000c68 0×150a0002
0×00000c70 0xad2d7a30
0×00000c74 0×150b0002
0×00000c7c 0xad2e7a30
0×00000c84 0×3c0908a7
0×00000c88 0×340a0180
0×00000c8c 0×340b0001
0×00000c90 0×3c0cd8b3
0×00000c94 0×358d0000
0×00000c98 0×3c0ed8b2
0×00000c9c 0×35ce0000
0×00000ca0 0×150a0002
0×00000ca8 0xad2dea00
0×00000cac 0×150b0002
0×00000cb4 0xad2eea00
0×00000cb8 0×03e00008
0×00000098 0×0a200303

;Credit: StR8Kr4zY
;(L+DPAD ^) On
;For use with rapid fire
;must press (L then R) Repeataly
;(L+DPAD >) On
;Makes rockets look like
;there stuck freeze’s smoke also
;(L+DPAD v) On
;make’s rockets
;go in slow motion
;(L+DPAD <) On
;Make’s rocket’s explode twice
;once when press to freeze in mid air
;and the second after with no pause function.
;Press SELECT to Turn Off All
0×00002000 0×38525453 ;STR8
0×00002004 0×5A34524B ;KR4Z
0×00002008 0×00000059 ;Y
0×0000200C 0×3c0808eb
0×00002010 0×85083dcc
0×00002014 0×3c0908a7
0×00002018 0×340a0110
0×0000201C 0×340b0001
0×00002020 0×3c0c5081
0×00002024 0×358d0006
0×00002028 0×3c0e5080
0×0000202C 0×35ce0006
0×00002030 0×150a0002
0×00002038 0xad2d7640
0×0000203C 0×150b0002
0×00002044 0xad2e7640
0×0000204C 0×3c0908a8
0×00002050 0×340a0120
0×00002054 0×340b0001
0×00002058 0×3c0cc7b5
0×0000205C 0×358d01d0
0×00002060 0×3c0ec7b4
0×00002064 0×35ce01d0
0×00002068 0×150a0002
0×00002070 0xad2d8a0c
0×00002074 0×150b0002
0×0000207C 0xad2e8a0c
0×00002084 0×3c0908a7
0×00002088 0×340a0140
0×0000208C 0×340b0001
0×00002090 0×3c0c8c84
0×00002094 0×358d00b0
0×00002098 0×3c0e8c84
0×0000209C 0×35ce0090
0×000020A0 0×150a0002
0×000020A8 0xad2d7720
0×000020AC 0×150b0002
0×000020B4 0xad2e7720
0×000020BC 0×3c0908a7
0×000020C0 0×340a0180
0×000020C4 0×340b0001
0×000020C8 0×3c0c1260
0×000020CC 0×358d0005
0×000020D0 0×3c0e1660
0×000020D4 0×35ce0005
0×000020D8 0×150a0002
0×000020E0 0xad2d6d00
0×000020E4 0×150b0002
0×000020EC 0xad2e6d00
0×000020F0 0×03e00008
0×00000098 0×0a200803

#Can’t Throw Plasma Nades
;Credit: KiNgOfUnIvErS
0×002901F0 0×26640040

#Can’t Throw Normal Grenade
;Credit KiNgOfUnIvErS
0×0028FF9C 0×24A5A220

#Shoot Once to Reload
;Credit: KingOfUnIvErS
0×0027F34 0×02253021

#Dead Rockets
;Credit: KiNgOfUnIvErS
0×00277728 0×46807320

#Comet Rocket
;Credit: KiNgOfUnIvErS
0×00277734 0×8CA50238

#Teleport Rocket
;Credit: KiNgOfUnIvErS
0×00277728 0×46809320

#Rocket Hunter Yourself
;Credit: KiNgOfUnIvErS
0×00277728 0×46806420

#Shoot Only Smoke
;Credit: KiNgOfUnIvErS
0×00277724 0×7000

#Shoot Without Smoke
;Credit: KiNgOfUnIvErS
0×00277734 0×8CA50238

#Normal Nade Hunter Yourself
;Credit: KiNgOfUnIvErS
0×0028FCEC 0×46803220

#Teleport Normal Nade
;Credit: KiNgOfUnIvErS
0×0028FCEC 0×46805320

#Normal Nade Explode in Air
;Credit: KiNgOfUnIvErS
0×0028FEF8 0xFBB20060

#Shoot By Other Position
;Credit: KiNgOfUnIvErS
0×00271564 0xD8920010

#Shoot In Only 1 Direction
;Credit: KiNgOfUnIvErS
0×00271570 0xDAF20010

#!!——–>Visual Codes
0xffffffff 0xffffffff

#Hardcore CTF
;No Hud
;No flag markers
;Credit: Warlock
0×0011D688 0×03E00008
0×00482414 0×03E00008

#Tint Map
;A bit “weird” so to speak, you have to die once for it to work
;Credit: Warlock
0×003C5CBC 0×03E00008

#Gamma Modifier
;Credit: WhoIsYou
0×0076A3C0 0×3D000000

#Lock Camera
;Credit: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
0×002FBA6C 0×03E00008

#Animation Mod
;Credit: kkhoun
0×0039d228 0×3c054080

#Mega Explosions
;Credit: kkhoun
0×0020f820 0×3c0740f0

#Explosions Stick Around
;Credit: kkhoun
0×0020f824 0×8e050050

#Flip Screen
;Credit: kkhoun
0×001defac 0×3c054000

#View Mod
;Credit: kkhoun
0×001defac 0×3c054000

#Epic Zoom
;Credit: kkhoun
0×0045f638 0×3c054000

#Smaller Game Window
;Credit: kkhoun
;During Menu
0×0045f638 0×3c053e20

#Futher Back Cam
;Credit: kkhoun
0×006bdc04 0×41a00000

#Cam Mod 1
;Credit: kkhoun
0×006bdbd0 0×3f000000

#Cam Mod 2
;Credit: kkhoun
0×006bdbd4 0×3f000000

#Cam Mod 3
;Credit: kkhoun
0×006bdbd8 0×3f000000

#Cam Mod 4
;Credit: kkhoun
0×006bdbdc 0×3f000000

#Cam Mod 5
;Credit: kkhoun
0×006bdbe0 0×3f000000

#Big items
;Credit: Scuzzy
0×0076F610 0×40800000
0×0076F624 0×40800000
0×0076F638 0×40800000

#Weapon Size Mod Joker
;On: Select
;Off: D-Pad Down
;Credit: Creator
0×00360158 0×0e200666
0×00001990 0×61657243;Crea
0×00001994 0×00726f74;tor
0×00001998 0×3C0808E0
0×0000199c 0×8D09E098
0×00002000 0×3C0A08E9
0×00002004 0×3C0B3F80
0×00002008 0×356B0000
0×0000200c 0×3C0C4080
0×00002010 0×358C0000
0×00002014 0×240D0001
0×00002018 0×240E0040
0×0000201c 0×152D0002
0×00002024 0xAD4C4d30
0×00002028 0×152E0002
0×00002030 0xAD4B4d30
0×00002034 0×03E00008

#See Through Walls
0×002e9290 0×03e00008

#See Through Walls Jokered
;Hold Select
0×004688f4 0×0a200200
0×00000800 0×3c0908eb
0×00000804 0×3c0a03e0
0×00000808 0×3c0b08af
0×0000080c 0×354c0008
0×00000810 0×8d283dcc
0×00000814 0×340d0001
0×00000818 0×110d0006
0×00000820 0×3c0a27bd
0×00000824 0×354cff90
0×00000828 0xad6c9290
0×0000082c 0×10000003
0×00000834 0xad6c9290
0×0000083c 0×03e00008

#See Through Walls V2
;Credit: KiNgOfUnivErS
0×006BDBE4 0xCF200000

#!!——–>Lobby Codes
0xffffffff 0xffffffff

#Fake Clan Host
;Can’t save anything
;Credit: WhoIsYou
0×0069AF0C 0×01

;Credit: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
;Rejoin games your banned from
0×000D9EF8 0×00000000

#Anti-Kick (False)
;Credit: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
;You get kicked only at the loading screen
0×000B25F8 0×00000000

#Timer To Start : 1337
;To use turn on then hit start game
;At first it will say 1337 and repeat that number
0×0000015C 0×0000053A

#Auto Team Switch
;Credit: HX-god_of_death
;1 is Cloven
;0 is Marques
;Edit them both to whichever team you want
;Turn on in pregame lobby to switch teams
;This is a REAL Team Swich
0×0000027C 0×00000001
0×00000280 0×00000001

#Blank Name Imposter
;Credit: HX-god_of_death
;Turn on in pregame lobby
;Edit ASCII to Change it from nothing
;imposter colors
;11 = light green
;12 = white
;13 = yellow
;14 = gray
;15 = red
;16 = orange
0×00000284 0×00000000
0×00000288 0×00000000
0×0000028C 0×00000000
0×00000290 0×00000000
0×00000294 0×00000000

#Staging Area Menu
;WorldKing - TheLostUniverse.Tk
;View Clan
;Add Friend
;Kick Player
;Remove Friend
;Invite To Clan
;Remove From Clan
;Send Private Chat
;Can do all this to yourself of you feel like it
0×000F0F60 0×124600BC
0×000F0F9C 0×1280000B
0×000F0FC4 0×12000015
0×000F101C 0×50810018
0×000F1114 0×1280001A
0×000F11A0 0×14520000

#!!——–>Misc. Codes
0xffffffff 0xffffffff

#Freeze Screen
0×004cb0bc 0×03e00008

#Black Screen
;Credit DFZ
0×00624e60 0×3c044080

#Trippy Aim
;Credit: DFZ
0×00600818 0×3C054080

#Disable Aimer Buttons
;Credit: DFZ
0×00600850 0×3C054080

#Lock Crosshairs
0×005F6C18 0×03E00008

#Print On-Screen Message
;Press L to print message
;Thank you Vosman for your help
0×00000C00 0×27BDFFF0
0×00000C04 0xAFBF0000
0×00000C08 0xAFA50004
0×00000C0C 0xAFA60008
0×00000C10 0xAFA7000C
0×00000C14 0×24080100
0×00000C18 0×3C0908EB
0×00000C1C 0×8D293DCC
0×00000C20 0×1509000A
0×00000C28 0×3C0408F7
0×00000C2C 0×8C849EDC
0×00000C30 0×8C840120
0×00000C34 0×3C050880
0×00000C38 0×24A50C70
0×00000C3C 0×3C0608F8
0×00000C40 0×24C6C9B0
0×00000C44 0×0E31FC28
0×00000C48 0×34070002
0×00000C4C 0×8FA50004
0×00000C50 0×8FA60008
0×00000C54 0×8FA7000C
0×00000C58 0×8FBF0000
0×00000C5C 0×03E00008
0×00000C60 0×27BD0010
0×00000C70 0×7858785F
0×00000C74 0×53695754
0×00000C78 0×78443354
0×00000C7C 0×205F7858
0×00000C80 0×31205349
0×00000C84 0×21373333
0×00171980 0×0E200300

#Elevate UP (L)
;Press L Trigger To Elevate UP
;A Console Coding hack
0x00641700 0x3C0808EA
0x00641704 0x8D09CAB8
0x00641708 0x8D2A0084
0x0064170C 0x11400012
0x00641714 0x3C0B08B1
0x00641718 0x3C0C08EB
0x0064171C 0x8D8D3DCC
0x00641720 0x240E0100
0x00641724 0x15AE0009
0x0064172C 0xAD600250
0x00641730 0x3C0F3F00
0x00641734 0x448F6000
0x00641738 0xC54D0048
0x0064173C 0x460C6B80
0x00641740 0xE54E0048
0x00641744 0x10000004
0x0064174C 0x3C180E2C
0x00641750 0x27183FBE
0x00641754 0xAD780250
0x00641758 0x03E00008
0x003100B4 0x0A3905C0

#Mark & Recall
;Mark Coordinates (L Trigger)
;Recall Coordinates (R Trigger)
;A Console Coding Hack
0x00641800 0x3C0808EA
0x00641804 0x8D09CAB8
0x00641808 0x8D2A0084
0x0064180C 0x11400026
0x00641814 0x3C0B08B1
0x00641818 0x3C0C08EB
0x0064181C 0x8D8D3DCC
0x00641820 0x240E0100
0x00641824 0x15AE000A
0x0064182C 0x3C0F08E4
0x00641830 0xC54C0040
0x00641834 0xE5EC18B0
0x00641838 0xC54D0044
0x0064183C 0xE5ED18B4
0x00641840 0xC54E0048
0x00641844 0xE5EE18B8
0x00641848 0x10000017
0x00641850 0x240E0200
0x00641854 0x15AE000E
0x0064185C 0x3C0F08E4
0x00641860 0xC5EC18B0
0x00641864 0xC5ED18B4
0x00641868 0xC5EE18B8
0x0064186C 0x3C1803E0
0x00641870 0x27180008
0x00641874 0xAD78FEF8
0x00641878 0xAD60FEFC
0x0064187C 0xE54C0040
0x00641880 0xE54D0044
0x00641884 0xE54E0048
0x00641888 0x10000007
0x00641890 0x3C18AFBF
0x00641894 0x27180030
0x00641898 0xAD78FEFC
0x0064189C 0x3C1927BE
0x006418A0 0x2739FFC0
0x006418A4 0xAD79FEF8
0x006418A8 0x03E00008
0x003100B4 0x0A390600

;Up = R Trigger
;Down = L Trigger
;North = Select
;South = Down D-Pad
;East = Right-Dpad
;West = Left-Dpad
;A Console Coding Hack
0x00641900 0x3C0808EA
0x00641904 0x8D09CAB8
0x00641908 0x8D2A0084
0x0064190C 0x11400035
0x00641914 0x3C0B3E00
0x00641918 0x448B6000
0x0064191C 0x3C0C08EB
0x00641920 0x8D8D3DCC
0x00641924 0x240E0040
0x00641928 0x15AE0006
0x00641930 0xC54D0040
0x00641934 0x460C6B80
0x00641938 0xE54E0040
0x0064193C 0x10000029
0x00641944 0x240E0020
0x00641948 0x15AE0006
0x00641950 0xC54D0044
0x00641954 0x460C6B80
0x00641958 0xE54E0044
0x0064195C 0x10000021
0x00641964 0x240E0200
0x00641968 0x15AE0006
0x00641970 0xC54D0048
0x00641974 0x460C6B80
0x00641978 0xE54E0048
0x0064197C 0x10000019
0x00641984 0x240E0001
0x00641988 0x15AE0006
0x00641990 0xC54D0040
0x00641994 0x460C6B81
0x00641998 0xE54E0040
0x0064199C 0x10000011
0x006419A4 0x240E0080
0x006419A8 0x15AE0006
0x006419B0 0xC54D0044
0x006419B4 0x460C6B81
0x006419B8 0xE54E0044
0x006419BC 0x10000009
0x006419C4 0x240E0100
0x006419C8 0x15AE0006
0x006419D0 0xC54D0048
0x006419D4 0x460C6B81
0x006419D8 0xE54E0048
0x006419DC 0x10000001
0x006419E4 0x03E00008
0x0030FEF8 0x03E00008
0x0030FEFC 0x00000000
0x003100B4 0x0A390640

#The Ultimate Soldier
;On: Hold D-Pad Down
;Credit: Creator
;Thanks To WhoIsYou
;For His RapidFire
;Thanks To SonniE
;For His Inf Granades
;Auto Fire: Creator
;Inf Ammo: Creator
;Rapid Fire: WhoIsYou
;Inf Granades: SonniE
0x0041A178 0x0E200324
0x00171980 0x0E200300
0x00000BF8 0x61657243;Crea
0x00000BFC 0x00726f74;tor
0x00000C00 0x27BDFFF0
0x00000C04 0xAFBF0000
0x00000C08 0xAFA50004
0x00000C0C 0xAFA60008
0x00000C10 0xAFA7000C
0x00000C14 0x24080040
0x00000C18 0x3C0908EB
0x00000C1C 0x8D293DCC
0x00000C20 0x1509000A
0x00000C28 0x3C0408F7
0x00000C2C 0x8C849EDC
0x00000C30 0x8C840120
0x00000C34 0x3C050880
0x00000C38 0x24A50C70
0x00000C3C 0x3C0608F8
0x00000C40 0x24C6C9B0
0x00000C44 0x0E31FC28
0x00000C48 0x34070002
0x00000C4C 0x8FA50004
0x00000C50 0x8FA60008
0x00000C54 0x8FA7000C
0x00000C58 0x8FBF0000
0x00000C5C 0x03E00008
0x00000C60 0x27BD0010
0x00000C70 0x64657243
0x00000C74 0x203A7469
0x00000C78 0x61657243
0x00000C7C 0x00726F74
0x00000C80 0x00000000
0x00000C84 0x00000000
0x00000C90 0x3C0808EB
0x00000C94 0x8D093DCC
0x00000C98 0x3C0A08EB
0x00000C9C 0x3C0B0000
0x00000CA0 0x356B0200
0x00000CA4 0x3C0C0000
0x00000CA8 0x358C0000
0x00000CAC 0x240D0040
0x00000CB0 0x240E0040
0x00000CB4 0x152D0002
0x00000CBC 0xAD4C3DCC
0x00000CC0 0x152E0002
0x00000CC8 0xAD4B3DCC
0x00000CCC 0x03e00008
0x00271E24 0x14000004
0x00271E2C 0x3C040000
0x00271F18 0x0E200324
0x00290004 0x0E200324

#Weapon Size Mod
;Change Hex For Size
0x00694D30 0x3F800000

#Seceret Agent
;All Credit Creator
;Semi See Through Walls
;When You Walk to a Wall
;It Disappears
0x0069D67C 0x40800000

#BermudaTriangle Mode
;Corrupts Screen Like Your
;Going into The Bermuda
;Sometimes Works
;Sometimes Doesn't
;I guess It's Semi-DMA
0x0080F4AC 0xD13533DF
0x0098E82C 0xD13533DF

#Short&Wide Mode
;Makes Every Thing
;Short and Fat
0x0069C6A8 0x40800000

#Pic/Tall&Thin Mode
;Takes a Picture
;Of The Screen at
;the bottom of the
;Makes everything
;tall and thin at the
;top of the screen
0x0069C6AC 0x40800000

#Fire Size Mod
;Mods Fire Size
0x0069C6D4 0x40800000

#Huge Weapon Offline Joker
;On: Select
;Off: D-Pad Down
0x00360158 0x0E200666
0x00001990 0x61657243
0x00001994 0x00726F74
0x00001998 0x3C0808E0
0x0000199C 0x8D09E098
0x000019A0 0x3C0A08E9
0x000019A4 0x3C0B3F80
0x000019A8 0x356B0000
0x000019AC 0x3C0C4080
0x000019B0 0x358C0000
0x000019B4 0x240D0001
0x000019B8 0x240E0040
0x000019BC 0x152D0002
0x000019C4 0xAD4C4D30
0x000019C8 0x152E0002
0x000019D0 0xAD4B4D30
0x000019D4 0x03E00008

#The Mantis Crawl
;Your Character walks some-
;What like a Praying Mantis
0x0039D6FC 0x00000000

#WorldKing's Inf Ammo
;ALL Credit: Creator
;Thanks to STR8KR4ZY for his work on inf ammo
;By WorldKing
;On: Select
;Off: D-Pad Down
0x0041A178 0x0E200666
0x00001990 0x61657243;Crea
0x00001994 0x00726f74;tor
0x00001998 0x3C0808EB
0x0000199C 0x8D093DCC
0x000019A0 0x3C0A08A7
0x000019A4 0x3C0B00C0
0x000019A8 0x356BF809
0x000019AC 0x3C0C0000
0x000019B0 0x358C0000
0x000019B4 0x240D0001
0x000019B8 0x240E0040
0x000019BC 0x152D0002
0x000019C4 0xAD4C1F18
0x000019C8 0x152E0002
0x000019D0 0xAD4B1F18
0x000019D4 0x03E00008

#Creator's Warp Nades
;Grenade Disappers when you throw it.
;No explosion
;Does Not Turn Off
;You have to logout then
;log back in
0x0028FFD4 0x00000000

#Creator's Warp Plasma Nades
;Subrutine By Creator
;Grenade Disappers when you throw it.
;No explosion
;Does Not Turn Off
;You have to logout then
;log back in
0x002902E4 0x00000000

#Can't Shoot Guns
;Does Not Turn Off
;You have to logout then
;log back in
0x00271D28 0x00000000

;Credit DFZ
;Credit Forced
;Walk Around, You Will
;Start Hopping, Find
;An Open Area, And You
;Will Jump Up High
0x00000968 0x005a4644
0x0000096c 0x3c080880
0x00000970 0x8d090968
0x00000974 0x3c0a005a
0x00000978 0x254a4644
0x0000097c 0x152a0009
0x00000980 0x3C0808c1
0x00000984 0x3C093c04
0x00000988 0x25294080
0x0000098C 0xAD09a5a0
0x00000990 0x03e00008
0x0041a178 0x0e20025b

#Auto Increment XP(Better)
;Credit DFZ
;XP Goes Up Even Faster
0x004CAE94 0x0E200200
0x00000800 0x3C0808E9
0x00000804 0x8D087C74
0x00000808 0x8D0A00FC
0x0000080C 0x254A7F80
0x00000810 0xAD0A00FC
0x00000814 0x03E00008
0x00000818 0x0E331750

#Fake Skywalker
;Credit DFZ
;For You And Your Opponents
;Up = On
;Down = Off
0x0041A178 0x0e200218
0x00000860 0x3c0808EB
0x00000864 0x85083DCC
0x00000868 0x3c0908e2
0x0000086c 0x340a0010
0x00000870 0x340b0040
0x00000874 0x3c0c3c04
0x00000878 0x358d4060
0x0000087c 0x3c0e3c04
0x00000880 0x35ce3f80
0x00000884 0x150a0002
0x00000888 0x00000000
0x0000088c 0xad2d74a8
0x00000890 0x150b0002
0x00000894 0x00000000
0x00000898 0xad2e74a8
0x0000089c 0x03e00008
0x00000900 0x0E390DE7

#Inf Shotgun Secondary
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x0028E464 0x0000

#Inf OU (.303 Secondary)
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x00283EF0 0x0000

#Inf XR-004 Secondary
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x00264C34 0x0000

#Rapid Fire
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x00271E24 0x14000004
0x00271E2C 0x3C040000

#Fake Horizontal Clipping
;Fall Through Floor
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x00000038 0x06

#Cam Infront of Player
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x0000003C 0x00020000

#WIY's Flash
;Mod Value For Speeds
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x00000078 0x40800000

#WIY's Flash 2
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x0000014C 0x41400000

#Fake Skywalker
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x000000AC 0x40800000

;Just Walk A Bit
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x00000130 0x40100000

#Fake Clan Host
;Can't save anything
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x0069AF0C 0x01

#.303 Inf/Rapid/NoRecoil
;Infinite Ammo, No Recoil
;Rapid Fire, No Sound
;For .303
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x00283E90 0x00000000

#GAMMA Modifier
;Modify to your liking
;Online Only
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x0076A3C0 0x3C000000

#No Auto Respawn
;Can stay dead forever
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x002145E8 0x00000000

#Perfect Walk throughts Walls
;Credit ElectroTEck
;Cam on head
;1rt person, zoom in
0x00769CD4 0xC0C80000
0x00001CE0 0x63656C45
0x00001CE4 0x546F7274
0x00001CE8 0x006B6365

#Invisible Supports
;Pictures of
;ammo Depots, Elevator,flags
;Are invisible
;L+ Select Off
;credit ElectroTeck
0x00000600 0x332d4169
0x00000604 0x5443334C
0x00000608 0x33544F52
0x0000060C 0x00004B43
0x00000610 0x3c0808eb
0x00000614 0x85083dcc
0x00000618 0x3c0908f6
0x0000061c 0x340a0180
0x00000620 0x340b0101
0x00000624 0x3c0cd001
0x00000628 0x358d0000
0x0000062c 0x3c0e0000
0x00000630 0x35ce0000
0x00000634 0x150a0002
0x0000063c 0xad2d9cd4
0x00000640 0x150b0002
0x00000648 0xad2e9cd4
0x00000650 0x3c0A08f6
0x00000654 0x340B0140
0x00000658 0x340C0101
0x0000065c 0x3c0Dcf58
0x00000660 0x358E1000
0x00000664 0x3cEF0000
0x00000668 0x35cF0000
0x0000066c 0x152b0002
0x00000674 0xad4e9cd8
0x00000678 0x150b0002
0x00000680 0xad4f9cd8
0x00000688 0x3c0B08f6
0x0000068c 0x340C0110
0x00000690 0x340D0101
0x00000694 0x3c0cff80
0x00000698 0x358d0000
0x0000069c 0x3c0e3f80
0x000006a0 0x35ce0000
0x000006a4 0x154B0002
0x000006ac 0xad589cdc
0x000006b0 0x154C0002
0x000006b8 0xad599cdc
0x000006bC 0x03e00008
0x00468890 0x0E200184

#See Through Walls
;Credit DFZ
0x0080bbf8 0x00000000

#Trippy Aim
;Credit DFZ
;Move Your View With
;X,O,[],/_\ And See
0x00600818 0x3C054080

#Disable Navigation Buttons
;Credit DFZ
;Disables X,O,[],/_\
0x00600850 0x3C054080

;By StR8Kr4zY
0x00290314 0x0000

;By StR8Kr4zY
0x00272284 0x34110010

;By StR8Kr4zY
0x000F0F60 0x124600BC
0x000F0F9C 0x1280000B
0x000F0FC4 0x12000015
0x000F101C 0x50810018
0x000F1114 0x1280001A
0x000F11A0 0x14520000

;By StR8Kr4zY
0x000F1080 0x1280000C

;By StR8Kr4zY
;Must Be Host
0xFFFFFFFF 0x017F92B4
0x00000284 0x20202020
0x00000288 0x20202020
0x0000028C 0x20202020

#Hold Select To Crawl
;Code: SonniE
;Port: Dmonchild
0x004CAE94 0x0E20018C
0x00000630 0x3C0808EA
0x00000634 0x8D08CAB8
0x00000638 0x3C0908EB
0x0000063C 0x8D2A3DCC
0x00000640 0x340B0001
0x00000644 0x3C0D0000
0x00000648 0xAD0D0344
0x0000064C 0x154B0004
0x00000650 0x00000000
0x00000654 0x340D0008
0x00000658 0x00000000
0x0000065C 0xAD0D0344
0x00000660 0x03E00008

#Mark and Recall
;NCR GhosT
;Down Dpad=recall
0x0006CC78 0x0a37c000
0x005f0000 0x3c0809a4
0x005f0004 0x3c0908df
0x005f0008 0x8d2a42bc
0x005f000c 0x340b0001
0x005f0010 0x154b0009
0x005f0014 0x00000000
0x005f0018 0x8d0a07b0
0x005f001c 0xad2afff0
0x005f0020 0x8d0b07b4
0x005f0024 0xad2bfff4
0x005f0028 0x8d0c07b8
0x005f002c 0xad2cfff8
0x005f0030 0x1000000a
0x005f0034 0x00000000
0x005f0038 0x340b0040
0x005f003c 0x154b0007
0x005f0040 0x00000000
0x005f0044 0x8d2afff0
0x005f0048 0xad0a07b0
0x005f004c 0x8d2bfff4
0x005f0050 0xad0b07b4
0x005f0054 0x8d2cfff8
0x005f0058 0xad0c07b8
0x005f005c 0x03e00008

#Fast run
;Credit Syk0SykEz
0x0006094c 0x4B000000

#Inf Grenades
;SonniE [PSPHS]
0x00290004 0x24840000

#WIY's One Shot Kill
;Auger WS
;Enable once online
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x0041A178 0x0E200400
0x00001000 0x3C080880
0x00001004 0x24090068
0x00001008 0x3C0A0000
0x0000100C 0x240B7FFF
0x00001010 0x00096400
0x00001014 0x01886820
0x00001018 0x3C080011
0x0000101C 0x01A84820
0x00001020 0x8D2A4CA4
0x00001024 0x19400009
0x00001028 0x00000000
0x0000102C 0x3C080900
0x00001030 0x010A482B
0x00001034 0x1D200005
0x00001038 0x00000000
0x0000103C 0x8D4C04A0
0x00001040 0xAD8B00E0
0x00001044 0xAD8B00E4
0x00001048 0xAD8B00E8
0x0000104C 0x8D4C04AC
0x00001050 0xAD8B00E0
0x00001054 0xAD8B00E4
0x00001058 0xAD8B00E8
0x0000105C 0x8D4C04D4
0x00001060 0xAD8B00E0
0x00001064 0xAD8B00E4
0x00001068 0xAD8B00E8
0x0000106C 0x8D4C04B8
0x00001070 0xAD8B00E0
0x00001074 0xAD8B00E4
0x00001078 0xAD8B00E8
0x0000107C 0x03E00008
0x00001080 0x0E390DE7

#Infinite Ammo Joker
;Credit DFZ
;L+Up = On
;L + DOwn = Off
;Credit Forced
;First Line Says DFZ
0x00000808 0x005a4644
0x0000080c 0x3c080880
0x00000810 0x8d090808
0x00000814 0x3c0a005a
0x00000818 0x254a4644
0x0000081c 0x152a0010
0x00000820 0x3c0808eb
0x00000824 0x85083dcc
0x00000828 0x3c0908a7
0x0000082c 0x340a0110
0x00000830 0x340b0140
0x00000834 0x3c0c0000
0x00000838 0x358d0000
0x0000083c 0x3c0e00c0
0x00000840 0x35cef809
0x00000844 0x150a0002
0x00000848 0x00000000
0x0000084c 0xad2d1f18
0x00000850 0x150b0002
0x00000854 0x00000000
0x00000858 0xad2e1f18
0x0000085c 0x03e00008
0x004cae94 0x0e200203

#Huge Explosions
;Credit Syk0SykEz
0x0020f820 0x3C074080

#Inf OU (.303 Secondary)
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x00283EF0 0x0000

#One Shot Kill
;only for offline
0x002A7C5C 0x3c057fff
0x002A7C60 0x3c067fff
0x002A7C64 0x3c077fff

#Hidden Start game
;Credit Syk0SykEz
0x0064C7D0 0x15
0x0064C7EC 0x15

#Hidden Start geme cancelled
;Credit Syk0SykEz
0x0064C800 0x15

#Super Flash
;Credit Syk0SykEz
0x0006094c 0x4bC000000

#invisable enemy
;enemy only appears wen u put ur crosshairs on them
0x006920c4 0x40800000
0x006920d4 0x40800000
0x006920e4 0x40800000
0x006920f4 0x40800000

#flashing lights
0x00692c9c 0x00000000

#flashing map parts
0x00692c74 0x00000000

#Controller Address
;If U Want To Write A
;Joker Wink
0x006b3dcc 0x00000000

#Jal Hook
;If U Want To Write A
0x004cae94 0x0e331750

;ported from sfls sonnie's code
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00697C74
0x000000C4 0xFFFFFFFF
0x000000C8 0xFFFFFFFF
0x000000CC 0xFFFFFFFF
0x000000D0 0xFFFFFFFF
0x000000D4 0xFFFFFFFF
0x000000F8 0x3B9AC9FF

;ported from sfls sonnie's code
0xFFFFFFFF 0x006C48E4
0x000000C4 0xFFFFFFFF
0x000000C8 0xFFFFFFFF
0x000000CC 0xFFFFFFFF
0x000000D0 0xFFFFFFFF
0x000000D4 0xFFFFFFFF
0x000000FC 0x3B9AC9FF

;enable before going online
0x00652C10 0x00
0x007C2980 0x00
0x0065038C 0x00

#Infinite Ammo Joker
;Credit DFZ
;L+Up = On
;L + DOwn = Off
;Credit Forced
;First Line Says DFZ
0x00000808 0x005a4644
0x0000080c 0x3c080880
0x00000810 0x8d090808
0x00000814 0x3c0a005a
0x00000818 0x254a4644
0x0000081c 0x152a0010
0x00000820 0x3c0808eb
0x00000824 0x85083dcc
0x00000828 0x3c0908a7
0x0000082c 0x340a0110
0x00000830 0x340b0140
0x00000834 0x3c0c0000
0x00000838 0x358d0000
0x0000083c 0x3c0e00c0
0x00000840 0x35cef809
0x00000844 0x150a0002
0x00000848 0x00000000
0x0000084c 0xad2d1f18
0x00000850 0x150b0002
0x00000854 0x00000000
0x00000858 0xad2e1f18
0x0000085c 0x03e00008
0x004cae94 0x0e200203

#Auto Increment XP
;Credit DFZ
0x004cae94 0x0e200200
0x00000800 0x3c0808e9
0x00000804 0x8d087c74
0x00000808 0x8d0a00fc
0x0000080c 0x254a0001
0x00000810 0xad0a00fc
0x00000814 0x03e00008
0x00000818 0x0e331750

#Huge Weapons
;flick it on then off or youll be invisible and huge weapons
0x004cab80 0x0E2001C0
0x00000700 0x3c0808e9
0x00000704 0x3c094080
0x00000708 0x25290000
0x0000070c 0xad094d30
0x00000710 0x03e00008
0x00000714 0x0e318695

0x0076a0e8 0x4B000000

#Alien Voice
0x005c6248 0x46031041

#More Human Alien
0x005c6248 0x46031040

#Ugly Alien
0x005c6248 0x46031043

#Duck Voice
0x005c8654 0x0026

#Huge Explosions
0x0020f820 0x3C074080
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PostSubject: Re: Resistance Retribution Codes   Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:38 am

Nice cheats! Are these for the USA Version?
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PostSubject: Re: Resistance Retribution Codes   Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:44 pm

Yes Sir...
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PostSubject: Re: Resistance Retribution Codes   

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Resistance Retribution Codes
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