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 Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (ULUS - 10391)

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PostSubject: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (ULUS - 10391)   Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:17 pm

Some more codes i made..


#!!----------Town Codes-----------

#Infinite Zenny
0x01203490 0x0098967F

#Infinite PokkePts
0x01203488 0x0098967F

#Max GuildPts
0x0120348C 0x0098967F

#Free Weapon Upgrade
;Lets you upgrade even if you
;dont have enough z
;Change 5 to 6 for Bow/Gun
;and 0-4 for armor
0x01315044 0x00050000
0x01315054 0x00050000
0x01315064 0x00050000
0x01315074 0x00050000

#Free Felyne
0x0131D8E0 0x00000000
0x0131D8E4 0x00000000

#Quests Cost 0z
0x01304044 0x00000000

#!!----------Quest Codes----------

#Infininte Health
0x01205240 0x001100FF
0x008B399C 0x00FF00FF
0x008B3864 0x000000FF

#Infinite Stamina
0x008B3AD8 0x01FF0000
0x008B3BAC 0x01FF0000

#Infinite Quest Time
0x01205F10 0x00015FA0

#!Instant Quest Clear
;Dont need Hz
;Might freeze with hz
0x01205F1C 0x00000002

#9999 RWDRemain
0x01205F14 0x0000270F

#Pay 0z After Death
0x01205F18 0x00000000

#No Limits
0x0119A12C 0x00000000

#!!----------Misc Codes-----------

0x01204C48 0x63
0x01204C4C 0x63
0x01204C50 0x63
0x01204C54 0x63
0x01204C58 0x63
0x01204C5C 0x63
0x01204C60 0x63
0x01204C64 0x63

0x008B3C1C 0x5C000000
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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (ULUS - 10391)
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