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 Little Big Planet Codes

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PostSubject: Little Big Planet Codes   Sun May 23, 2010 8:29 pm

There really isn't that many codes for LBP, other than the ones I'm posting. Some of the other codes like "auto increase points" is just a longer change points code with higher values.
I've already tried "Inf. Health", and "Inf. Race Time", but it came up short. Anyways, here are my codes for Little Big Planet.

Edit: Found Inf. Race time and Auto Win Race

#!!Points Mods

#Editable Points
;Just mess with Points Dec.
0x003ED3D4 0x000003E8

#10 000 Points
0x003ED3D4 0x00002710

#100 000 Points
0x003ED3D4 0x000186A0

#1 000 000 Points
0x003ED3D4 0x000F4240

#!!Other Codes
;Race codes need hz 15

#SuperSack JetPack Hack
;Press Dpad up to fly
;Press Dpad down to disable
;Hold select to fly with jetpack
;When flying just use anolog to move
;You can run through walls and stuff
0x002005A0 0x0A200184
0x00000610 0x3C0808BF
0x00000614 0x8D080D04
0x00000618 0x3C0908C1
0x0000061C 0x8D29FF58
0x00000620 0x240A0010
0x00000624 0x240B0040
0x00000628 0x240C0001
0x0000062C 0x152A000A
0x00000634 0x3C0DA2A9
0x00000638 0x25AD0001
0x0000063C 0xAD0D03A0
0x00000640 0x3C0E47A4
0x00000644 0x25CE4201
0x00000648 0xAD0E03D8
0x0000064C 0x3C0F0B00
0x00000650 0x25EF0100
0x00000654 0xAD0F06A0
0x00000658 0x152B000A
0x00000660 0x3C0DA2A9
0x00000664 0x25AD0000
0x00000668 0xAD0D03A0
0x0000066C 0x3C0E47A4
0x00000670 0x25CE4200
0x00000674 0xAD0E03D8
0x00000678 0x3C0F0B00
0x0000067C 0x25EF0000
0x00000680 0xAD0F06A0
0x00000684 0x152C0025
0x0000068C 0x3C080880
0x00000690 0x8D090724
0x00000694 0x240A0001
0x00000698 0x012A5820
0x0000069C 0xAD0B0724
0x000006A0 0x240C0000
0x000006A4 0x240D0003
0x000006A8 0x240E0008
0x000006AC 0x240F000D
0x000006B0 0x152C0007
0x000006B8 0x3C0F08BF
0x000006BC 0x8DEF0D04
0x000006C0 0x8DF803A0
0x000006C4 0x3C19A2A9
0x000006C8 0x27390001
0x000006CC 0xADF903A0
0x000006D0 0x152D0007
0x000006D8 0x3C0F08BF
0x000006DC 0x8DEF0D04
0x000006E0 0x8DF806A0
0x000006E4 0x3C190B00
0x000006E8 0x27390100
0x000006EC 0xADF906A0
0x000006F0 0x152E0007
0x000006F8 0x3C0F08BF
0x000006FC 0x8DEF0D04
0x00000700 0x8DF806A0
0x00000704 0x3C190B00
0x00000708 0x27390000
0x0000070C 0xADF906A0
0x00000710 0x152F0002
0x00000718 0xAD0C0724
0x0000071C 0x03E00008
0x00272B54 0x00000000

#Auto Finish Race
0x003ED3E0 0x43097524

#Inf. Time Race
0x003ED3E0 0x42C870E8
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Little Big Planet Codes
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