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 PSP Cheat Download [DL Cheats Directly From Your PSP!]

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PostSubject: PSP Cheat Download [DL Cheats Directly From Your PSP!]   Wed May 19, 2010 8:26 pm

PSP CheatUp is an application designed to simplify the task of updating the cheat codes through the use of the PSP's Wifi and a wireless internet connection. Currently the application can automatically detect and install cheats for CheatMaster Fusion, coderPR, CWCheat and NitePR.


Changes in version 0.26
The following changes have been made in version 0.26:

* Added: Support for starPR and HackME.
* Added: Detection of bluePR.
* Fixed: Download errors which happened after a failed download attempt.
* Fixed: If no cheat engine was active no item would be selected by default in the cheat engine select lateral menu.
* Other: Increased message buffer sizes to 16KB so I can show you longer update messages and notices.

Changes in version 0.25
The following changes have been made in version 0.25:

* Added: Support for DarkCheat, DayPR, FreeCheat and IcyPR (note most/all other nitePR clones including MKULTRA should use the nitePR option).
* Fixed: The CWCheat POPs database is no longer erased as there is currently no POPs database included in the download.
* Fixed: Improved the error handling of the Wifi download code.
* Other: Removed random background colours so the lateral menu colour matches the background colour.


Im trying to contact the maker of this homebrew app so he can add As a database source. R81XNWCL
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PostSubject: Re: PSP Cheat Download [DL Cheats Directly From Your PSP!]   Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:23 pm

Don't Worry I'll Start Working On It...

I Can Just Mod That One And Turn That Database Into Yours...

-New Title(Still Don't Know What It Is)
-New Database
-Changed Background(NitePR Forums Header)
-New Cheat Devices
*Added WorldKingPR
-Changed Credits
-New Archive Game ID's
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PSP Cheat Download [DL Cheats Directly From Your PSP!]
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