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 Unlimited Stealth Hack [MPO+]

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PostSubject: Unlimited Stealth Hack [MPO+]   Sat May 15, 2010 6:41 pm

1.Join any online game. any gun you have Once!
3. goto NitePR, and search the number of bullets you have.
4.Fire the Gun again, Only Once!
5. search again
6. Kepp repeating steps 2-5 untill you have 1 value left.
7.paste the address into the browser move the address(on the right) untill you can see the weapon value
9. change the first 20 characters to Zeros
10. starting on the right change the hexes to the Following: 1480
11.Go up one level. You will see a nember thier(Usually a six)(Hint: Its the one all by itself)
12. change it to a 1
13.paste the address again.
14.Scroll to you see the weapon value again.
15.Now, Above the line your on, you will see 3 rows of Bolded Zero's.They'll look like this: 0000000000
16.Chyange the third bolded Zeros to a one(1, no matter what it is change it to one)
17. Youll now have stealth inplace of your weapon! Equip it and its unlimited!
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Unlimited Stealth Hack [MPO+]
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