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 Install NitePR

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PostSubject: Install NitePR   Mon May 10, 2010 7:31 pm

1) Locate your PSP on your PC
2) Unzip NitePR
3) Drag and Drop seplugins from nitepr on to your psp
4) Unplug your PSP from the PC
5) Hold the power button up till the light stops blinking.
6) Turn your PSP back on and hold R.
7) Scroll to Plugins and hit X.
Cool Enable NitePR with the X button.
9) Hit Triangle
10) Scroll to Exit and hit X
11) Start up Socom
12) Once it loads hit Home two times.
13) Hold Vol and Vol -
14) Hit Start.
15) Pick The codes you want with X.
16) Hit Circle.
17) Hit the Music note button.
18) Go online and be a hacking 2W6LOWF5-nite pr rev j

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Install NitePR
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