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 How To Change Cheat HZ and Test Code

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PostSubject: How To Change Cheat HZ and Test Code   Thu May 13, 2010 6:30 pm

First of all. YOU NEED CFW!!!
Third. you need to enable your nitepr (M33 menu-Plugins-nitepr.prx)
fourth. Exit your m33 menu(Back-Back)
Fifth. Go play a PSP game
Sixth. Tap home twice then hold + and -
Press R button until you get to PRX
Go to HZ 0/100
set it to HZ 15/100 by pressing the left button.(not L the left D button)

You just changed your HZ from 0/100 to 15/100
After you turned code on
1. try to use it.
2A. If it doesn't work try changing cheat hz
2AA. If it works the codes fine and your an idiot
2AB. If it doesn't work it's no good.
2b. If you freeze you've got a bad code
2C. If it works you got a good code
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How To Change Cheat HZ and Test Code
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