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 BakonICE - Socom FTB 2 Cheat Device

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PostSubject: BakonICE - Socom FTB 2 Cheat Device   Wed May 12, 2010 8:00 pm

heat device exclusively for Socom FTB2
Version 1.8 [Documented] Changelog:
-Thanks to a recent patch in the debug library, I was able to remove almost all, if not all flicker caused by _pspDebugScreenClearLine.
-Removed the Anti-Server lock as it was removed, but not completely removed anyhow
-Added an animations applier as a replacement for the anti-server-lock. Has a variety of animations
-Fixed the massive overflow problem that 1.70 was absolutely plagued with. If someone had told me that retrospect, any problems, pretty please email me at
-A variety of other things that I forgot to open the changelog to document.
-There is a bug that I'm assuming that is caused by the clearline thing, but I really, really don't care. If anyone cares, email me and I'll work on it. Until then, the very first bar of the title will flash whenever you enable clearline(by pressing a variety of buttons, whenever it changes a string).

Download here: M0B611XM
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BakonICE - Socom FTB 2 Cheat Device
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