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 SMAW MODS-WorldKing

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PostSubject: SMAW MODS-WorldKing   Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:22 pm

I Have More But I don't Want To Release =P

#!!----SMAW MODS----!!

#Smaw Big Black Smoke
0x0083FD84 0x00000075

#Smaw Little Gray Smoke
0x0083FD84 0x00000085

#Smaw Water Burst
0x0083FD84 0x00000087

#Smaw Rings
0x0083FD84 0x00000097

#Smaw (Blast)
0x0083FD84 0x00000005

#Smaw Flashing FireBalls
0x0083FD84 0x11111111

#Smaw Smoke
0x0083FD84 0x00000009

#Smaw Red/Orange Orb
0x0083FD84 0x00000069

#Smaw Explosion Nuke
0x0083FD84 0x000000A4

#Smaw Nerve Gas
0x0083FD84 0x0000000D

#Smaw Blue Electric Dots
0x0083FD84 0x00000034

#Smaw Blue/purple plasma
0x0083FD84 0x00000079

#Smaw Orange Electric Bullets
0x0083FD84 0x0000007C

#Smaw Ap Mine Eplo.(Visual)
0x0083FD84 0x00000036

#Smaw Flames
0x0083FD84 0x00000037

#Smaw Green Gas
0x0083FD84 0x00000027

#Smaw Emp(Visual)
0x0083FD84 0x00000029

#Smaw Fire Tornado
0x0083FD84 0x00000028

#Smaw Smoke Halo
0x0083FD84 0x00000077

#Smaw Purple Electric Bullets
0x0083FD84 0x00000035

#Smaw Scope = C8 Rifle
0x0083FD88 0x00000001

#Smaw Scope = DSC1-Thermal
0x0083FD88 0x00000003

#Smaw Scope = AR-15
0x0083FD88 0x00000002

#Smaw Scope = Ramat/Tripbar
0x0083FD88 0xFFFFFFFFF

#Smaw Scope = MB-150
0x0083FD88 0x00000000

#Smaw Scope = VSS-DU
0x0083FD88 0x00000005

#Smaw Bullet Sparkles(Visual)
0x0083FD8C 0x0000000E
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